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Egrid32 Emergency sale! - Special price

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  • Egrid32 Emergency sale! - Special price

    My Old Pentium D 3.0 GHZ has finally died. It happened today when i plugged
    a faulty USB device. At first only the mouse died, even after restart. When i
    unplugged the USB mouse and plugged it in another USB port, the PC shut
    down and that was it. Tried changing the power source, no good. I think its
    the motherboard.

    Anyway, i am now in need of a new PC, and im willing to offer a good
    discount in all Egrid32 sales (yikes, my brother´s keyboard is ugly!), so i will
    be offering a 30% discount on Egrid32 and all ad'ons.

    Egrid32 is a professional grid control designed specially for 32 Bit applications.
    Its a breeze to use it in PowerBASIC. You can get more informations and
    screenshots here:

    Please excuse me for not being able to post the announcement in the
    website, but the discount will be respected.

    Prices will be like this:
    Egrid32 $ 62.98
    Form designer: $ 34.97
    Print engine: $ 27.97

    The sale will go on ultil i am able to get a new PC.

    Deliveries will be made immediately, but serial numbers as well as
    website registration will be added when i get a new PC.

    To make purchases, please visit:

    You can make payments with the "Donation" Button.

    Please help me out, i have never been in such need before!

    Thank you!

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    Sale is still on, Dont miss it!


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      I think i will let this offer few more days.

      Thank you for your help!


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        Special offer has ended.

        Thank you!