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  • "Find-It" a free file search utility

    I am writing a program called "Key-Photo" which I think is an innovative way to organize your digital photos for easy viewing and editing.
    I plan on selling "Key-Photo".
    "Find-It" is the search part of "Key-Photo".
    (An image of "Key-Photo" is in the help file for "Find-It".)

    "Find-It" is FREE to the PowerBasic community in the hope that I will get some useful feedback for adding more functionality.

    "Find-It" is a Ultra Fast and Accurate File Search Utility
    Finds All Files (Normal, Hidden, System, Temporary Internet Files etc.)
    Built in Text and Picture Viewer - Convert File Formats (JPG,BMP,GIF,PNG,TIF)
    Search Files Qualified by Size, Date and Text - Find Duplicate Files

    Requires no installation. Run from anywhere. Makes a directory "C:\Find-It\

    Trento Castricone
    [email protected]

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    Very Cool Tento. I like the convert-type option especially!
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      Very nice!
      There was a similar commercial program called "find it" by Skylark Utilities.
      I like your better immediately for two reasons:
      1)Yours is faster
      2)In yours, one can type the search path. In SkyLark's, this must be chosen from a drop down list which takes too long.


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        Nice tool!

        I have a few observations and questions:

        1. Why are the dates bracketed with "/" characters?

        2. The progress bar updates a lot, but it's not clear why. For example, what's going on when a filename gets double-clicked??

        also not clear: on the context menu, does "remove" simply remove the file from the list, or does it delete the file from the drive?

        I think it would make sense to be able to Delete a file from the drive while in the viewer...

        3. I had a situation where I did a search for *.bas on my development drive, and it found 4,400 files. Then I did a search in a single folder for *.jpg and it found 26 files. I opened the image viewer and played with it, then closed it, and suddenly the list of .jpgs was gone and the list of .bas files was back...and I'm not sure how I got that to happen???

        4. The image viewer does not recognize the arrow up or down keys, or Enter.

        5. It's not clear whether the X button will exit just the image viewer, or the entire search program...

        6. Magnify is really cool!!!!!!!!!!

        This is a very clean program, and I look forward to seeing you succeed with it!
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          >Makes a directory "C:\Find-It\

          Considering the number of people using UAC security, you should start thinking about making this 'soft.' It would also help some folks for backup purposes if they could install under "Program Files" so all program files are in same place.

          With this audience of potential users it's probably not all that signficant, snce I'll bet just about all developers are some kind of King Kong User and can change permissions and/or ability to write under the root, but for normal "Suzy User" users (or outside consultants who work on clients' systems), that may not be so true.

          Michael Mattias
          Tal Systems (retired)
          Port Washington WI USA
          [email protected]


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            Your correct (as usual)
            I will use the code below to get the appropriate directory.
            (Thanks Kevin Peel)

            I am adding the arrow keys to the picture viewer dialog.
            No file is ever deleted from the system. Removed files are moved to Find-It's REMOVED FILES directory.

            The only way I can see that your jpg files came back, is that you were running two instances of the program. Multiple instances are allowed and I think useful.

            Thanks you both for your comments.

            ' Returns the specified shell folder. NOTE: See %CSIDL_XXX values for dwType.
            ' NEW 2005: Doesn't need declare for call.
            Function GetShellFolder(ByVal hParent As Dword, ByVal dwType As Dword) As String
              Local hLib As Dword, hShell As Dword, zBuffer As Asciiz * %MAX_PATH
              Local nRet As Long, pzStr As Dword, nDoCreate As Long, sReturn As String
              sReturn = ""
              hLib = LoadLibrary("SHELL32.DLL")
              If hLib Then
                 hShell = GetProcAddress(hLib, "SHGetSpecialFolderPathA")
                 If hShell Then
                    pzStr = VarPtr(zBuffer)
                    nDoCreate = %TRUE
                    ! push nDoCreate
                    ! push dwType
                    ! push pzStr
                    ! push hParent
                    ! call hShell
                    ! mov nRet, eax
                    If nRet Then sReturn = RTrim$(zBuffer, Any "\/")
                 End If
                 FreeLibrary hLib
              End If
              Function = sReturn
            End Function
            ' Returns application-specific data folder. Uses GetShellFolder() above.
            Function GetDataStore(BYVAL sCompany AS STRING, BYVAL sTitle AS STRING) As String
              Local zPath As Asciiz * 1024
              ' Get shell data folder...
              zPath = RTrim$(GetShellFolder(%NULL, %CSIDL_APPDATA), Any "\/")
              If Len(zPath) Then
                 ' Use our moniker...
                 zPath = zPath + "\" + sCompany
                 If Dir$(zPath, %SUBDIR) = "" Then MkDir zPath
                 ' Localize to application...
                 zPath = zPath + "\" + sTitle
                 If Dir$(zPath, %SUBDIR) = "" Then MkDir zPath
                 ' Use application folder if shell data not supported by OS...
                 GetModuleFileName %NULL, zPath, SizeOf(zPath)
                 zPath = Left$(zPath, InStr(-1, zPath, Any "\/")-1)
              End If
              Function = zPath
            End Function
            Trento Castricone
            [email protected]


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              FWIW,if your app data store has multiple nodes, eg "Company Name\Application Name" following the common application folder (eg "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data"", the code here...

              Move That INI File!and Get That Ini File Name!

              .. shows you how to do that.

              What am I saying? It does not *show* you how to do that, it *does* that. (and it even works on Win 9x!)

              Michael Mattias
              Tal Systems (retired)
              Port Washington WI USA
              [email protected]


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                It clears the clipboard.

                When im using small lines of text i copy them instead of typing them.
                for example if im looking tof "MY FOO STRING" i highlight, copy and paste in find-it.
                I click "Search" and it gives me the results.

                Now i open the file (by the way it would be easier to double click it), and press
                CTRL+F to find within the file, i press SHIFT+INSERT.... But the copied string is gone.
                This seems to happen when i click Search.

                It changes characters.

                The "Text - Use internal Viewer" feature replaces ">" and "<", with "_" which kinda makes it useless for programming searches.

                I use it everyday, i like it but this two details dont let me be happy.
                Last edited by Elias Montoya; 18 May 2009, 02:12 PM.


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                  I am going to post a new update this weekend.
                  I added the double click to launch files with their associated exe.

                  It clears the clipboard. - Fixed
                  It changes characters. - Fixed

                  Thanks for your feedback
                  Trento Castricone
                  [email protected]


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                    That was fast, thanx Trento.

                    What was it doing with the clipboard anyway?


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                      Cant wait for the update. Vista's search is so awful. I will use this instead.
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                        &quot;Find-It&quot; a free file search utility

                        Find-It has been updated to version 1.0.75

                        Features in the pot, but not yet finished.
                        1. Searching multiple extensions at the same time.

                        Download the latest from the first post.

                        Those that have downloaded Find-It before can delete the Find-It directory in the Root.
                        Last edited by Trento Castricone; 23 May 2009, 01:43 PM. Reason: Hit the enter key by mistake.
                        Trento Castricone
                        [email protected]


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                          Originally posted by Trento Castricone View Post
                          It clears the clipboard. - Fixed

                          Originally posted by Trento Castricone View Post
                          It changes characters. - Fixed


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                            "C:\ezgui40pro\docs\EZ_RAW\CSHelp.txt - 40 - 2009/05/25 - 07:01:39 PM -
                            [ Use CONTROL "F" to search this document ]

                            now is the time < > for all good men

                            Sample of the internal viewer output.
                            <> characters are not being converted to _.

                            Please send me the file you are having problems with.
                            Trento Castricone
                            [email protected]


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                              Hello Trento, im not having problems with < or > anymore. But open a BAS file and you will see how all are line breaks are gone. giving as result like:

                              SELECT CASE INDEX          CASE 10 : BEEP        CASE 20 : CALL CASE20()    END SELECT


                              • #16

                                Thanks for your feedback.
                                I commented out one line to many.
                                Line breaks are back.
                                Double clicking on a listview item launches that file with its associated executable.

                                Find-It has been updated to version 1.0.80
                                Download the latest from the first post.
                                Trento Castricone
                                [email protected]


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                                  Thank you Trento.


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                                    &quot;Find-It&quot; a free file search utility

                                    Find-It has been updated to version 1.0.88

                                    Lots of little changes and bug fixes.

                                    Download from here:
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                                    Rainey delivers highly accurate, compassionate, and transformative messages from Sprit. Accurate - Professional - Compassionat
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                                    Trento Castricone
                                    [email protected]


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                                      I just downloaded 1.0.90

                                      Way cool. I really like the duplicate file feature.

                                      A couple of GUI tweaks:
                                      The MUTE checkbox text overwrites the SEARCH SIZE checkbox.
                                      The CHECKSUM option button text is truncated.

                                      Observations & recommendations:

                                      I would consider making your search follow the standards used my M$. Specifically, have search terms in one textbox, separated by semicolons(.
                                      For example:

                                      The progress bar faked me out during the duplicate search. When I thought it was done, it started over. And over.

                                      Is a help file in the works? I don't know what the COLLECTION button does.
                                      And while I know what a checksum is, Suzy User (one of MCM's relatives, I gather) likely doesn't.

                                      When displaying duplicates, it would be nice to see the duplicate files somehow grouped. Perhaps alternate shading? Or bold lines between groups? Or???

                                      You have piqued my interest in Key-Photo. I have a few photo files and I really really need to organize them. Any sneak peeks? Or do you adhere to PowerBASIC's "no vaporware" policy?


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                                      n6jah @


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                                        &quot;Find-It&quot; a free file search utility

                                        Thanks for your input.
                                        Fixed the GUI tweaks.

                                        Progress Bar:
                                        When it stops - the search is done. J
                                        Duplicates does multiple passes.

                                        Searching Files:
                                        The way I have it preserves the speed of searching.
                                        One pass through the drive or folder using multiple extensions with common wildcards.

                                        Collection Button:
                                        Clicking the “Collection Button” brings up a folder browse dialog.
                                        Select a folder or make one using the new folder button.
                                        A message box will let you know how many files (all of list view contents) will be transferred and where,
                                        Select Yes or No.

                                        I am working on the list view shading for the duplicates display.
                                        (Any suggestions or sample code would be appreciated.)

                                        Help File:
                                        Given the amount of feed back I have received - It seems none is needed.
                                        Email: [email protected] for any question or feature request.

                                        Version 1.0.91 can be downloaded from:
                                        Find-it “Update Button” or

                                        I stopped working on Key-Photo when I download Microsoft’s "Windows Live Photo Gallery" - FREE and wonderful - If you play with photos you need it.
                                        Trento Castricone
                                        [email protected]