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TheirCorp's SrcFrmt v2.40 (source code formatter) supports PBWin9 (Class, Method,...

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  • TheirCorp's SrcFrmt v2.40 (source code formatter) supports PBWin9 (Class, Method,...

    New in SrcFrmt Version 2.4: full support for PBWin9
    1. Properly indents for: Class, Interface, Property and Method blocks
    2. Properly spaces "Threaded" and "Instance" variables
    3. When the "Delete... #Tools..." is selected it will also delete:
      #Optimize, #Utility and #MESSAGES COMMAND metastatements
    4. It does not remove metastatements which can be critical to program
      operation such as: #MESSAGES NOTIFY and #DEBUG CODE ON/OFF
    5. Compound declarations or "Threaded" and "Instance" variables can be
      converted to single declarations (with the "Convert some syntax..."
      option), but you'll still need a compiler that supports them
    6. FIXED: Didn't indent some comments at all
    7. FIXED: Didn't indent metastatements with a "$" prefix
    8. FIXED: Didn't compress series of closing parentheses
    9. FIXED for Windows "MouseKeys": If there's a top-level window with
      a class name which isn't in $IgnoreClass (an "ignore list"), spaces
      will be used instead of TABs.

    Now that compiler version 9 is supported, if your code uses: Threaded,
    Instance, Class, Interface, Method or Override as names, some lines could
    be improperly indented as a result.

    Since Threaded variables can be declared inside or outside a procedure, they
    can be imperfectly spaced in some situations. This will be fixed in a future

    TheirCorp's SourceForge project
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    • "Flex" --- an editor with novel features
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      to resource leaks
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      calls to imported functions
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    PowerBASIC article in Wikipedia
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    Version 2.41 --- Bug Fix Release, April 05, 2009

    SrcFrmt v2.41 --- Bug Fix Release

    Deleted some array indexes when "Compress series of parentheses" was
    TheirCorp's projects at SourceForge

    TheirCorp's website