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A DDT Designer for only $9.99 . This is best deal yet!

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  • A DDT Designer for only $9.99 . This is best deal yet!

    Until the end of the month (April 8, 2009 until April 30, 2009) I am offering the

    EZGUI Utility Dialog Designer

    for only $9.99 (US).

    This is one powerful DDT based Visual Designer and for only $10 (less a penny) you can start building DDT based apps quickly.

    This designer supports all the standard controls, the PB graphic control and also custom controls (you can add common controls via the custom control object). Just create a custom control definition file (EZC file) and you can add all sorts of custom controls, like EGrid, SIGrid, GDImage and more (custom controls must be in DLL form and creatable via the CONTROL ADD command).

    If you are hobby programmer this is a great deal.

    If you are professional programmer, don't dismiss this tool. It is a powerful Visual Designer and it generates lean DDT code. It also comes with an event engine (100% source code library).

    To order quick, click link below:

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    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"

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    EZGUI Utility Dialog Designer..

    Hi Chris,
    Couldn't find any mention of this on your website, in particular i was looking for a comparison between this and personal/pro?
    If it makes using eGrid easier then I will grab it
    but how does it dompare to PBforms ?



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      My Dialog Designer is different than EZGUI 4.0 Pro or Personal in that it is only for DDT apps. There is no runtime and it generates DDT code rather than EZGUI code.

      This particular DDT Designer though doe use an Event base coding style, similiar to EZGUI 4.0 Pro and Personal. An event engine is provided in an include file (100% source) which converts common notification messages to Events (ie. controls which can get a mouse click will get the %EZ_Click event).

      It is this Event style coding which will differentiate it from other DDT designers.

      Also the Designer uses a Smart Parser technology which allows it to use a variety of external code editors (ie. PB IDE, Jellyfish and others).
      Chris Boss
      Computer Workshop
      Developer of "EZGUI"