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PwrDev - update april 2009

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  • PwrDev - update april 2009


    Since a week or so PwrDev was rewritten somewhat.
    The automated system to localize the PowerBASIC compilers was removed and now you can make use of compiler templates.
    Each template will point to a compiler you set and it's includefolders.

    The reason to abandon the older system is that it is now possible to use custom includefiles more easily.
    For example Jose Roca's includefiles.

    These includes also allow you to embed Visual ActiveX controls which is in fact based on an ordinary windowclass but without using a helper dll like ATL.
    In PwrDev you simply add a placeholder control and set the windowclass and text property for the progid.
    In the near future i'll add a specific ActiveX placeholder for this windowclass to make it easier to create and set it's eventhandler.
    At this time you'll need a few lines of code to set this events part.

    And a few more cool features:

    Bufferwrite, a com class to write small datafragments with superspeed.
    It just postpones the writting until the buffer get's full or on demand by flush.

    Placement functions to easily save and restore a forms last size and state.
    The string output (and input) can be used to save to ini or registry.

    Getting annoyed by the many different rcdata statements?
    PwrDev has this easy function to obtain a single file stored in one RCDATA files collection.
    This looks similar but in practise it is easier to use.
    This also helps to prevent the 64KB resourcenames limit.

    Some of the older features:

    Memorybuffering object
    Lines object
    IO functions
    Tempfile and tempfolder support (with autodelete/cleaning)
    .NET support! (no messy registering or com wrapper stuff)
    ADO support, ADO.NET support put in an easy to use .NET assembly.

    Note that the price is currently very very low, only $79.
    This will change at the end of the month.

    Be quick

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    As mentioned before, the price will go up in about a week.
    So take the advantage of the current price



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      The new price will be set on Tuesday CET.
      This will give you a weekend to purchase for the current price.

      If you like you can purchase a license for CrossOver for Mac and/or Linux which let's you run quiet a few Windows applications and makes testing and coding under these environments possible*.
      This license has the idiotic price of only 10$ per CO license!
      The minimal price they sell for is 37$.

      * Not everything works, make sure you read their website:
      Don’t buy a Windows license, don’t reboot or use a virtual machine until you try CrossOver for Mac, Linux, or ChromeOS. Download a free 14 day trial now and get your Windows apps running on Mac and Linux.
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        I have thought this price change over.
        I leave the current price as it is for a while (due recession).

        Make benefit of this price