I have released a brand new product named Dacorbi Pattern Search. It allows you to perform powerful search/replace operations using special patterns that are much easier to deal with than regular expressions.

A number of modules are included, such as a starter programming language converter (Delphi to BASIC), source code beautifier, LF to CRLF converter, word frequency tally, unit converter, and more. However, that's just to get you started. The most exciting things you can do with Dacorbi Pattern Search are pattern modules that you create for your own customized needs.

Currently, this product is designed as an end-user product. However, I'm thinking of releasing a programmer's edition, which would likely include PowerBASIC source code for the .EXE program and a license to use the code in your own PB programs. What do you think of this (and the end-user product in general)?

Here's an example of a simple search pattern (this simply finds a block of XML code denoted by the Contact_Info matching tag pair):

You can download Dacorbi Pattern Search from www.dacorbi.com (it is also announced at www.ucalc.com).