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Attention EZGUI users. Important discussion on EZGUI forums.

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  • Attention EZGUI users. Important discussion on EZGUI forums.

    Attention all EZGUI 4.0 Pro users:

    There is a very important discussion I started on the EZGUI forums and I recommend as many as possible check it out and post if the subject interests you.

    The discussion is about Windows 7.

    The gist of the discussion is this:

    Windows 7 will come with Windows Virtual PC, running a real copy of Windows XP. This will be called "XP mode".

    This is MS idea of backward compatibility.

    Rather than make Windows 7, backward compatible, they will provide "XP mode" to make sure XP apps can run on Windows 7.

    IMO, I feel this means MS expects Windows 7 to "break" a lot of XP apps, so they have to offer this "XP mode" to solve the problem.

    I can't imagine what this will mean for apps originally designed for Windows 95, 98, ME or NT.

    What is really a concern, is that the Virtual PC and XP mode will only ship with Windows 7 Pro, which targets businesses. Windows 7 Home users will have to download it if they want it and the download won't be small (dialup internet users can just forget about getting it).

    The discussion is about how well EZGUI apps run on Windows 7. If you plan on downloading the Windows 7 RC1 which is now available as of today, then definitely join in this discussion.

    This is an important discussion and I need as many EZGUI users as possible to take part in it.
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    Chris Boss
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    interesting, related article on xp mode:
    Don Dickinson


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      To me it is perfectly acceptable they will break backward compatibility.
      If you have an application not compatible just do not move to Windows 7. If you must move to Windows 7 just fix your application.
      Quite simple.

      I do not know on many other OS you can still run an application written more than 7/8 year ago but you can still run a Windows application written more than 10 years ago.


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        Also consider XPM is only available on those CPU having native VT on board and thanks to the fact Intel (and also AMD) very often include/exclude features in their CPUs in order to to give better and different prices, you can hardly be sure your CPU has native VT.