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CodeClips: Easily Inventory your favorite snips of code

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  • CodeClips: Easily Inventory your favorite snips of code

    After a long break from this project, I resurrected it and decided to do a nearly complete rewrite. CodeClips 3 now contains all of the features I'd hoped to find in an existing data library but never did.

    The concept is simple enough. With each project, I tend to find new and better ways of doing things. I would then spend countless hours going back over old source listings trying to find the methods I'd used for something in particular. Now I simply paste the relevant code into CodeClips, assign a few keywords (optional), maybe assign it to one or more 'categories' of purpose, and presto.... no more long searches for my best code solutions!

    I added a number of features to this version, too many to remember, but here are a couple of the more useful ones:
    • Clips can be manually entered (copied from the PB forums?) or you can scan all/parts of your drive for 'bulk' entries
    • Every clip can be assigned to one or more categories that you create. The list of clips can then be focused on just a single category for faster location.
    • An unlimited number of keywords can be associated with a clip making searching for it later much easier and faster
    • The source code can be edited directly in CodeClips, and/or sent to your favorite IDE
    • Commercial clips can store the Author/contact and copyright information as.
    • All required resources (such as DLLs, graphics, etc) that the clip requires can be fully documented along with any license key information for commercial tools used.
    • Easily track the version of the Win32API file used for each clip
    • Easily track what compiler and version is necessary to use the clip
    • A comprehensive search engine makes finding anything in the database fast and easy.
    • The executable is 100% free for private OR commercial use.
    • Source code may be obtained (released on a case-by-case basis)
    • Fast and small. Written in PB9 and uses SQLite for minimum size requirements.

    Here are a couple of screen shots:

    Main Page

    Bulk Importing

    Resource List

    Download the Setup program Here
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    If anyone has installed this tool, I would love to hear what you think, especially if there are any bugs (I didn't have an army of beta testers) and/or if there are improvements you would like to see.


    PS: I've had a number of non-PBer's use CodeClips and didn't realize it was written with PB in mind, meaning it can easily be used for any development code you happen to use...VB, PHP, etc.
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      I downloaded it and installed it.
      Looks nice!

      I haven't had a chance to play with it much yet.

      It might be good if you provided a "default" database so the user can start playing with it without having to create a database. At startup load either the default database or the last database the user accessed.

      What is the clips3.db3 databse ?

      I tried loading it and the program said it was not a codeclips database.
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        yea, my mistake. Late in the development, I opted to create a default database (clips3.db3) but I forgot to remove the message saying to create one the first time through. The error message you get when trying to open the clips3.db3 is erroneous. Its not closing the default database first (clips3) and generating an "already open" error.

        I will fix this so the message is correct, and allow re-opening of the default database if its already open to begin with.

        Thanks for the feedback!
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          Also, for any registered EZGUI customers, I will provide the source code for the app if you are interested. I can't give it to non-owners of EZGUI though, because of proprietary items in the package.

          I used quite a few 'more advanced' features of EZGUI in here, such as all the resizing code, a number of custom 'treeview' functions, and other things, so EZGUI owners might want the source just to see some of the methods used.
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            CodeClips Version 3.1 Released

            I just finished a minor upgrade to the CodeClips program. This release fixes a couple of bugs (help file not always displaying, categories not updating until restart) and I added a new feature:

            CodeClips can now run as a System Tray Application making it a bit handier. This is option can be turn on/off from the new Options Menu.

            There is no need to uninstall your old version. All existing clips are preserved through this update. You can also install this version as the first install. The attached file contains all the files you need

            CodeClips has had a number of very positive responses and a few not-so-positive. If you've installed it and taken a look, I'd greatly appreciate your opinion, either way.
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              > help file not always displaying

              There are two routes to 'Help' and neither of them are working for me. The first attempt with either after opening the app sees nothing happen and the second and subsequent attempt sees the busy cursor for a short while swiftly followed by nothing again.

              The app allows an exit after an edit without the common practice of asking if I want to Save before quitting.