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Any thoughts on Tsunami?

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  • Any thoughts on Tsunami?

    So, with the demise of the Tsunami website and such, is there still people out here using the program? I have a VB6 application that has been using it for about 5 or 6 years now. It is getting time for a rewrite of my application using PB and I wonder if it would be wise to continue using Tsunami or not? Any thoughts?
    Thank you and God bless,
    Noble D. Bell

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    I am still using Tsunami in several applications. I would like to learn how to use SQLitening, but haven't mastered it yet. If you need support for Tsunami, Timm is available via email. He has responded to several questions that I asked since his website was taken down.

    Gary Stout
    gary at sce4u dot com


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      I was a die-hare Tsunami user. I wrote a number of very large commercial applications based on Tsunami and TTDS. It was a great tool. I sure don't hold anything against Timm for having to pull it off the web and effetely stop updating it.

      However, that was the final push I needed to get serious with SQL. I started with SQLitening and was SHOCKED to see (a) how easy it was to master, and (b) how much more POWERFUL it is to xBase, Btrieve (Tsunami) and all the other database engines I've used in the past. If you need multi-user, its there, natively. If you need anything more robust (SQLite can handle A LOT of data and users, but just in case....) moving to MySQL doesn't take long at all, especially with something like SQLTools.

      If you download my CodeClips app in this forum, it might give you a decent idea of how fast SQLitening is. That app was originally done with Tsunami (version 1) and then I switched to SQLitening in version 2 (and improved it with v3).

      Going to SQLite from Tsunami was easier than moving from Cheetah (xbase) to Tsunami. There's a small learning curve, but lets face it. SQL is the standard and will be for a long time to come. There really isn't a good reason NOT to make the switch to SQL.
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        Thanks for the feedback. That is pretty much what my thinking is too. I want to use Sqlite but have to get in the learning first. I use Sql Server and a program called VistaDB at work so the sql part is not going to be the problem. The challenge is going to be learning to write the code needed to use sqlite in my application.

        Thanks again.
        Thank you and God bless,
        Noble D. Bell


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          Maybe this can help for starting. Full PB sources in the .zip:

          Forum support:


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            SQLite \ SQLitening

            I had started developing an app with Tsunami and had to change gears when Timm pulled it (I needed the ability to handle server side processing which was supposed to be forthcoming in the the update that never came).

            I've revamped the project using SQLite\SQLitening and am finding it to be everything I could have hoped for. I'm really digging SQLite's TRIGGER system.

            Fred Meier has done a great job with SQLitening and is very helpful with support. Even if you don't need a full client/server architecture, SQLitening can be used as a local mode wrapper over SQLite and it simplifies a lot of things. There is sample code included with it.
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              I have used Tsunami and TTDS (with server side processing.)
              Don Dickinson stopped supporting TTDS which I missed for many months.
              I'm using SQLitening in a background thread with VB6 front end.

              Have no idea if Timm is going to release his client/server vea018n.
              It has been 2-years and still waiting.

              TTDSCHAT is still running.

              TTDS discontinued announcement:

              SQLitening by Fred Meier hosted by Paul Squires:
     (as mentioned above)
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                Link to Rolf Brandt's experience with SQLitening.


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                  What many people do not understand is that the whole SQLitening project is free and open source. You can browse the source code and make changes if you wish. We have had many people email or post with suggestions/fixes to make to the source code and Fred has been able to make the magic happen.

                  Documentation may be a little weak but there is certainly enough there to get you up and running. There are several example programs. If you know the basics of SQL then most of the hard stuff is already done! Setting up SQLitening is very easy. You can use it as a local solution or as client/server if you need to.

                  SQLitening is basically the communication layer that sits on top of the incredibly small and powerful SQLite database engine. SQLite itself is free, public domain, and supported by tens of thousands of programmers from all over the world.

                  Unless you're creating enterprise wide applications that support thousands of users with hundreds of database accesses per second, then SQLitening is the ideal solution for you. I haven't used anything else since we released it.
                  Paul Squires
                  FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
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                    Has anyone tried Remote Data Objects (RDO)? That would seem to address the need for "SQL data access and manipulation" across network boundaries.
                    Michael Mattias
                    Tal Systems (retired)
                    Port Washington WI USA
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                      I'm testing Jose Roca's DAO, right now. It mentions ADO support.
                      It tests against a BIBLIO database and the hard-coded path to the database only needs to be changed.
                      It was written for PB/CC.
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                        Hey Mike, we miss you over at the SQLitening support forum. You did a lot of work with SQLitening when it was released. Just wanted to say thanks for all of your work testing the product.
                        Paul Squires
                        FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
                        Version 3 now available.


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                          Appreciate your comments!
                          I'll be back when I'm more versed in SQL.
                          I have many questions on SQL, but learning.
                          The world is full of apathy, but who cares?