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Access to DB2/400 Database for iSeries and AS/400

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  • Access to DB2/400 Database for iSeries and AS/400

    Dear all,

    I would like to know what is the best way to read and write information to a DB2/400 Database for iSeries and AS/400 from IBM.

    - Do I have to use the IBM ODBC driver jointly with Perfect Sync SQL Tools ? does-it work ?

    Do you know any other solution that works with PowerBASIC ?

    Jean-Pierre LEROY

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    It's hard to tell from your question if it's DB2/400 only or DB2/400 and AS/400 native in which you are interested, but......

    I've used the iSeries OBDC driver on AS/400 for access to the native AS/400 file system and that works quite nicely.

    For DB2/400, there should be an ODBC driver available; you can use the ODBC API or you can license SQL Tools to simplify the ODBC calls. (simplfy a lot).

    However, I'd also look for (google?) an 'OLE provider for DB2/400', which would allow you to use ADO to access the database. I have to believe there is such a thing available.

    I know there's several ODBC API demos in the source code forum; and here's an ADO demo: Generic 'ADO' Connection and Query Tester (CC 5+/Win 9+) 11-02-08

    The whole idea is whichever way you go - ADO or ODBC - your application should not care about what brand DBMS is in use... that's the premise of ODBC and OLE, they don't care about brand name.

    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


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      Thank you Michael for these infos.

      I'm interested to have access to the native AS/400 file system; I will try tomorrow at work with the iSeries OBDC driver.

      I've already a licence of SQL Tools (standard version) from Perfect Sync.

      I will give it a try.

      Jean-Pierre LEROY


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        My experience with the ODBC driver that was supplied with our iSeries Navigator for Windows software (I believe) is very good. I've used it in various different applications (not PowerBASIC (yet!)) and never had major problems with it.

        I still love the AS/400/iSeries... Still a very nice, powerful and stable platform, even today.
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