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  • gbSnippets - Text Organizer & Code Librarian

    I've just released gbSnippets - a freeware utility that can save and organize any kind of text information - If you can type it, gbSnippets can store it, including single-Line and multi-line data. It includes powerful search features that enable you to quickly locate the information you need! Use it for phone numbers, birthdays, recipes, group lists, diaries - anything you want to save and search! gbSnippets provides the ability to share your information via email or by exporting the information as HTML to post on the web!

    gbSnippets also offers a special set of features for PowerBASIC programmers. It is a powerful code librarian with syntax highlighting and other editing features and software analysis tools specifically written to work with source code. Multiple languages are supported and snippet libraries are provided for several languages - including a 300+ PowerBASIC snippet library.

    gbSnippets is essentially a rewrite of my freeware programs gbCodeLib and gbFind, which have been downloaded over 50K times since their releases several years ago. The rewrite is in PowerBASIC.

    Finally, gbSnippets also has several "amusements" I Call them - a variety of small apps that users may find Interesting. Steregorams, 3D Models, a personal financial modeler and a sttock market game are included. Work a while, play a While!

    Download it at:

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    Thanks Gary, I downloaded and unzipped, took some figuring out how to load up the PB snippets.... -Select language to Powerbasic, then import data; powerbasic.gbs database.

    Very very interesting application. Thank you for sharing!!!!


    and btw, I love the Cranberry Salsa recipe!


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      Thanks for the comment. You highlight a good point. Since gbSniippets is written as a tool for anyone who wants to store text info, with its programmer features hidden by default, how does a PowerBASIC programmer get started quickly with gbSnippets? Here's help:

      Programmer Quick Start - a few tips for getting started with the PowerBASIC library distributed with gbSnippets.

      1. Select "Option/Programmer Features"
      This activates the programmer/code librarian features that are normally hidden (for the non-programmer users of gbSnippets)

      2. Use "File/Open" to open any of the several libraries that come with gbSnippets. The "powerbasic.gbs" library is in the "languages" subfolder. The subfolder "snippets" contains the non-programming libraries that ship with gbSnippets.

      3. To associate any of the QuickOpen toolbar buttons with a library file, use the "File/Select File XYZ" menu option. This lets you have a button on the toolbar that immediately opens a designated file.This is discussed in the Help file (local and online), but your comment points out the need for a "Quick Start" instruction for PowerBASIC programmers.

      BTW, I wouldn't suggest Import in this case. It merges the selected file (in your case, the PowerBASIC code library) into whatever file you have already opened up. I suggest simply File/Open the file of interest.
      Last edited by Gary Beene; 27 Aug 2009, 10:23 AM.