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PwrDev - .NET sendmail update

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  • PwrDev - .NET sendmail update

    PwrDev lets you use .NET assemblies.
    I had some older e-mailling code and yesterday i have exended it with credentials.
    It's just a test project but shows the .NET class, simple compile batch file and how small this lib becomes.
    Nowadays nearly every computer has .NET v2 or up and should be able to run this example.

    Find yourself the SendMailNet project at the following location:

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    It comes with an test exe as well.
    This e-mail code is just a bare-bones example, it lacks multiparts, images and linkeresources (attachments).
    The .NET run-time availability check was not used in this example.

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    In the PwrDev project a simple PowerBASIC com class was used to call the .NET assembly, the class is not shown here but the code below shows how it is being used:
        [color=#0000FF]VD_Text[/color]( [color=#0000FF]nCbHndl[/color], [color=#7F007F]%ID_FORM1_TXTERROR[/color], "Initializing e-mail support" )
        [color=#0000FF]VD_UpdateWindow[/color]( [color=#0000FF]nCbHndl[/color], [color=#7F007F]%ID_FORM1_TXTERROR[/color] )
        SendMailNet_CreateObject( oSendMail )
        oSendMail.Host = [color=#0000FF]VD_GetText[/color]( [color=#0000FF]nCbHndl[/color], [color=#7F007F]%ID_FORM1_TXTHOST[/color] )
        oSendMail.From = [color=#0000FF]VD_GetText[/color]( [color=#0000FF]nCbHndl[/color], [color=#7F007F]%ID_FORM1_TXTFROM[/color] )
        oSendMail.Recipients = [color=#0000FF]VD_GetText[/color]( [color=#0000FF]nCbHndl[/color], [color=#7F007F]%ID_FORM1_TXTRECIPIENTS[/color] )
        oSendMail.Subject = [color=#0000FF]VD_GetText[/color]( [color=#0000FF]nCbHndl[/color], [color=#7F007F]%ID_FORM1_TXTSUBJECT[/color] )
        oSendMail.Body = [color=#0000FF]VD_GetText[/color]( [color=#0000FF]nCbHndl[/color], [color=#7F007F]%ID_FORM1_TXTBODY[/color] )
        oSendMail.Username = [color=#0000FF]VD_GetText[/color]( [color=#0000FF]nCbHndl[/color], [color=#7F007F]%ID_FORM1_TXTUSERNAME[/color] )
        oSendMail.Password = [color=#0000FF]VD_GetText[/color]( [color=#0000FF]nCbHndl[/color], [color=#7F007F]%ID_FORM1_TXTPASSWORD[/color] )
        [color=#0000FF]VD_Text[/color]( [color=#0000FF]nCbHndl[/color], [color=#7F007F]%ID_FORM1_TXTERROR[/color], "Send e-mail" )
        [color=#0000FF]VD_UpdateWindow[/color]( [color=#0000FF]nCbHndl[/color], [color=#7F007F]%ID_FORM1_TXTERROR[/color] )
        [color=#0000FF]If[/color] oSendMail.Send() [color=#0000FF]Then[/color]
            [color=#0000FF]VD_Text[/color]( [color=#0000FF]nCbHndl[/color], [color=#7F007F]%ID_FORM1_TXTERROR[/color], "E-mail sent (" & [color=#0000FF]Time$[/color] & ")" )
            [color=#0000FF]VD_Text[/color]( [color=#0000FF]nCbHndl[/color], [color=#7F007F]%ID_FORM1_TXTERROR[/color], "Error: (" & [color=#0000FF]Time$[/color] & ")" & [color=#0000FF]$CrLf[/color] & oSendMail.LastError() )
        [color=#0000FF]End[/color] [color=#0000FF]If[/color]
    (The code for ini load and save is not shown here)


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      PwrDev - upcoming holiday and licenses for CrossOver

      Just a brief remark for today

      Note that i can not deliver licenses during the upcomming holiday.
      The holiday will be from 21-Nov-2009 to ~19-dec-2009.
      You can purchase your license but it will be send after the holiday.
      That also means that you won't receive the setup to play with.
      Sorry about that.

      Then there is the issue of the CrossOver licenses.
      Only a few are left so be quick, each separate license for crossover will cost 10USD only.
      You can only get this deal if you purchase PwrDev.
      You can choose for no crossover, mac and/or linux license.
      To be clear, if you choose both you'll pay 20USD for the crossover licenses on top of the PwrDev license.

      You can also read the news topic on my website:

      Ok, now where is that 'laying-in-the-sun' image?


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        I wrote a similar message on the website.
        I don't think i'll post any more messages about this holiday.
        Make sure you purchase before this date otherwise you'll have to wait a few weeks.

        Last edited by Edwin Knoppert; 31 Oct 2009, 02:55 PM.


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          PwrDev - holiday - act now!

          Hey fokes, i am cheating, here is another message

          The holiday is starting from sunday so until saturday... do get the *real* tool for development!
          This can be done via regsoft's creditcard service and via paypal account.
          Otherwise the waiting will be your burden

          Back in 3-4 weeks, keep yourself informed by reading the homepage at

          And for the latest announcements of product-updates you can follow the forum (blog style) here:


          Sun.., here i come


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            Sigh, the vacation is over.
            Everything 'reset' to normal