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    I would like to announce the availability of a Powerbasic binding for my Arctic Reporting System.

    This is a full application reporting system consisting of, amongst other things, an advanced Reporting Module (dll) and a visual report designer which together can massively assist your applications with their reporting needs. From simple 'static' reports (used as a vehicle for simple printing and previewing) to full blown data-driven reports ...

    I think I will leave it there before I get carried away! This probably isn't the time or place to give a huge list of features etc. Instead I will refer all interested parties to the Arctic Reports website.

    Whilst the system has not been created with Powerbasic, the creation of the binding (a single include file) proved really quite straight forward (especially with the help of those who answered my postings in the coding section of these forums - with my thanks) and creating the various demo programs in Powerbasic is proving very simple and very enjoyable. I have been a licensed owner of Powerbasic (and a member of these forums) for 4 years now, but have only started using this language seriously just recently - and will continue to do so. It is perfect for a couple of components I need to write very soon now!

    Anyhow, before I tie myself in a knot, I would like to add that as a way of showing my support for Powerbasic, I will be donating a percentage of all sales (to those within the Powerbasic community) of this system to Powerbasic Inc. I think it only fair.

    If you have any questions then you can either contact me here or through the Arctic Reports site. Please note that the publicly accessible online manual is being revamped and hence only part of it is accessible at the moment. I am working on that right now though and should have far more content up in no time.


    Stephen Rodriguez.

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    just a quick note to say that Arctic Reports has come a long way since my previous announcement and that the Powerbasic binding has been kept fully up to date with all the new additions etc.




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      Thank you for the update Stephen