I've just released gbSnippets 1.6, which includes the following new 40+ source code snippets, including new DLL, SDK, serial port and threads snippet categories.

These can be viewed online at http://www.garybeene.com/power/code/

[B]New Snippets:[/B]
Apps/Dialogs       Resource File (Save Resource to File)    
Apps/Dialolgs      Resource Files (Accessing)        
Apps/Dialolgs      Resource Files (More Content)        
Apps/Dialolgs      Resource Files (Simple)            
Arrays             Dimension An Array            
Arrays             Pass Array to Sub/Function        
Controls-Techniques    MsgBox - Custom Sound/Icon        
Edit Controls      Get Text of Topmost Visible Line    
Multimedia         Play Sound (Resource File)        
Multimedia         Play System Sounds            
RichEdit Control   Strikeout                
SDK                .Summary - DDT vs SDK            
SDK                .WinMain                
SDK                1. Define                
SDK                2. Register                
SDK                3. Show                    
SDK                4. Message Loop                
SDK                5. Message Procedure            
SDK                Class Names - Pre-Defined        
SDK                Hello World - Simple SDK App        
Serial Port        .Tools                    
Serial Port        COMM Command Reference            
Serial Port        Dual Port - Send & Receive         
Serial Port        Simple Receive                
Serial Port        Simple Send                
Strings            Compress Multiple Delimiters        
Strings            Display Text Differences        
Strings            Fit String to Area (Graphic Control)    
Strings            Text Difference - Markup/Strikeout    
Strings            Text Difference - Side by Side        
Threads            Custom Thread Messages            
Threads            Multiple Threads            
Threads            Simple Thread                
Threads            Stopping a Thread            
Threads            Thread Command Summary            

Controls - Basic    . One of Everything        
Graphics            Set Wallpaper - use dialog image
Multimedia          Play Sound - WAV file        
Strings             Verify String Contains Only Letters/Numbers
I welcome suggestions for additions to the library, or corrections to any errors you might find.