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Amazon payments now accepted for uCalc (FMP Lite: only $150; calculator: only $19.95)

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  • Amazon payments now accepted for uCalc (FMP Lite: only $150; calculator: only $19.95)

    I am pleased to announce that Amazon payments are now accepted for my products. Visit and simply click on one of the pay now buttons that you'll find either on the main page, one of the product pages, or on the ordering page. It is no longer necessary to sign up for a new or unfamiliar service with your credit card information just to place an order. Already have an account? Use your existing Amazon account information without having to re-enter anything. (If you don't already have an Amazon account, signing up is safe and easy). Try it!

    If you're not too familiar with uCalc products, here's a brief summary of items released or updated within the past year:

    uCalc Graphing Calculator 4.5 - Although this scientific calculator is an ideal companion for high school or college students taking math class, it also inherits the capabilities of uCalc Fast Math Parser 2.96, making it a must have for programmers who use uCalc FMP and need an interactive tool to test out calculations. Download it now. An entertaining cartoon character in the interactive animated tutorial will walk you through the many features (or you can just browse the help file; or start using the calculator intuitively). Only $19.95!

    Dacorbi Pattern Search 1.0 - Ever find yourself spending too much time performing repeated search / replace operations manually on PowerBASIC source code, XML or HTML code, etc -- operations beyond the capabilities of the IDE's search / replace tool? This new product is the solution. You might not realize that you always needed something like this until after you've gone through the interactive tutorial. So download it now and check it out. Only $29.95!

    uCalc Fast Math Parser 2.96 - This tool allows your PowerBASIC-created program to parse text, or evaluate math expressions defined at runtime. uCalc Graphing Calculator and Dacorbi Pattern Search are examples of products that use the uCalc FMP engine underneath the hood. Did you know that there is a Lite version that costs only $150 and is more powerful than alternative math parsers you might find out there. Download it now and try it for yourself. If your company requires the more advanced features (arrays, loop functions, special data types like table or stack), then see why the Standard license at $600 is actually less expensive than what a free math parser alternative would cost your company. If you are a hobbyist, and cannot pay even for the Lite version, there is something for you too. Check out the license options in the help file.

    Other uCalc products? - Stay tuned for more. Meanwhile, if you have suggestions for new related products, please let me know.
    Daniel Corbier
    uCalc Fast Math Parser
    uCalc Language Builder