I've just released gbSnippets 1.8, which includes the following new or
enhanced source code snippets. These snippets include code for
providing spell check features, additional splitter bar layouts, and
several thread category snippet improvements.

You can get the entire library, including these newly released snippets,
by downloading gbSnippets or you can view individual snippets online.

gbSnippets home page: http://www.garybeene.com/sw/gbsnippets.htm
Online source code listings: http://www.garybeene.com/power/code/

If you've already installed gbSnippets, you can ensure that your local library
is synchronized with the latest snippets on the gbSnippets server by using
the "Actions/Synchronize with gbSnippets Server" menu.

Apps/Dialogs        enhanced       Splitter Bars II                        gbs_00392
Arrays              new            Search (Binary)                            gbs_00396
Edit Control        corrections    .Edit Control vs RichEdit Control Messages    gbs_00123
RichEdit Control    corrections    .RichEdit vs Edit Control Messages            gbs_00217
RichEdit Control    new            Sequentially Highlight Words (Of Selecton)    gbs_00374
RichEdit Control    new            Spell Check (Single Word)                    gbs_00340
RichEdit Control    new            Spell Check (Source Code Strings/Comments)    gbs_00395
RichEdit Control    new            Spell Check (Using Word Object)                gbs_00394
Strings             enhancement    Fit String To Area (Graphic Control)            gbs_00360
Threads             enhancement    Multiple Threads                            gbs_00348
Threads             new            Simple Thread - One Main, One Secondary        gbs_00336
Threads             new            Simple Threads - Two Secondary                gbs_00345
Threads             new            Sleep vs Dialog DoEvents                    gbs_00393
As always, I welcome comments and suggestions.