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gbSnippets 1.8 Released (Code Librarian & Source Code Library)

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  • Gary Beene
    Links updated ...
    Splitter bar constraints added ...
    Last edited by Gary Beene; 18 Oct 2009, 02:02 PM.

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  • George Bleck
    Picky GUI error....

    When you move the frame dividers to the bottom or top it overwrites other parts of the interface like the status bar or menu bar.

    Might want to include some contraints logic.

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  • Dubravko Tuckoric
    Something is wrong

    your 4 links


    points to the same file : ""


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  • gbSnippets 1.8 Released (Code Librarian & Source Code Library)

    gbSnippets v1.8 has been released. It includes the following new
    features and enhancements.

    1. Source code string/comment spell check
    2. Download progressbar during Online Update

    The new version is available at the gbSnippets home page:

    The spell check libraries are now part of the full distribution.
    If you simply do an Online Update, which updates the gbSnippets
    EXE, you'll need to download the following files, and place them
    in the "support_files" folder under gbSnippets.

    The mainwords dictionary includes 10K words. The following
    two files provide 20K and 30K words, respectively. To use
    one of these, download the file and rename to mainwords.txt.

    I welcome comments and suggestions.

    ... edited 17 Oct to correct links to the library file links ...
    Gary Beene

    Last edited by Gary Beene; 17 Oct 2009, 03:52 PM.