Yes, I know that it's only be two days since the last release. But when
George Bleck noted that my up/down splitter bar could be moved over
other controls, I decided to go ahead and release a fix, along with a few
other changes I've had in work.

Here are the latest changes (include v1.8 and v1.81):

1. String/Comment spell checking added
2. Download status added to Online Update
3. Multiple splitter bar changes, including position constraints
4. Implemented faster file Save
5. Go Home option now expands all parent nodes to ensure Home visibility
6. Added option to view Comparison in Strikeout Mode
7. Added option to limit Strikeout Mode to changes only
8. Statusbar now shows cursor position (line#) in RichEdit control
9. Corrected conflict with AutoEditLabel and Cut/Paste functions
10. Changed to faster binary dictionary word search algorithm

The latest version be downloaded in two ways:
- using Help\Online Update from within gbSnippets
- at

The spell check libraries are in the full gbSnippets distribution, but
if you use the Help/Online Update option you'll need to download the
library files manually, from these links: 10K words 20K words 30K words

If you decided to use either mainwords2.txt or mainwords3.txt, you'll
need to rename it as mainwords.txt. The dictionary files go in the
"support_files" folder.

I welcome comments and suggestions.