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EZSprite 1.0 - any interested in a Pre-release version ?

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  • EZSprite 1.0 - any interested in a Pre-release version ?

    I was asked by someone if I could offer a pre-release version of my new EZSprite engine. I might be willing to do this.

    The sprite engine DLL's are basically finished.

    The docs are what I am working on now.

    Would any be interested in a PreRelease version now ?

    The prerelease version would be the working software, plus draft documentation to get you up and running now. You would also be given access to a private prerelease forum (on the EZGUI forums) for discussing the software and to offer suggestions for its improvement. I may add some features to it, if enough requests are made. Downloads of updates will be offered via that private forum. The software will be downloaded as zip files at first. The install program would come later when nearing public release version.

    Within likely no more than 1 months time (hopefully just a few weeks) a final release version will be available for public sale and you would get a copy of the final version with full install program.

    EZSprite 1.0 would sell for $39 (US).

    EZSprite Plus 1.0 would sell for $79 (US)

    If you would be interested in this, send me an email to:

    [email protected] (primary email address)


    [email protected]
    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"