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FireFly3 saved my life!

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    FireFly3 saved my life!

    Saved my life? Sheesh, that was pretty dramatic don’t you think?

    However, FireFly3 has certainly saved countless headaches and frustrations when it comes to PowerBASIC programming!

    November 1, 2009, marked a turning point in the ease of use for all PowerBASIC programmers worldwide. With a simple press of a button, countless PB’ers were notified of the arrival of probably the most anticipated update to their programming toolbox in years…

    Announcing…. FireFly Visual Designer Version 3

    Now, one week later, you can see FireFly3 in action for yourself. Take the program for a test drive by downloading the 30-day trial version today.

    All the details of the trial version are available at:

    While you’re there, don’t forget to read the testimonials by some existing FireFly3 users – it cost me a fortune to get those guys to say those things!

    Upgrade from FireFly2 for only $47
    New FireFly3 purchases are $97
    Check out the purchase links found at:

    One of the most popular third party applications in the PowerBASIC universe, the FireFly brand of visual designers has satisfied the needs of PB’ers since 2004. FireFly3 is the next step in world domination.

    With the arrival of FireFly3, programmers can now create PowerBASIC applications faster than ever before. FireFly3 sports a redesigned user interface and addition of many new features – all driven from requests from FireFly customers. Check out the Image Manager, Functions Library, Code Completion, CodeTips, Project Notes, Project Tasks, Menu Editor, ToolBar Editor, StatusBar Editor and MessageBox Editor.

    The message from customers was clear – Make their programming life easier. FireFly3 works hand in hand with the user to make programming intuitive and fun. Design your applications by drawing the forms and controls on the screen and then tie it all together by writing the underlying code into the integrated code editor.

    Click, click, click and you’re done.

    No fuss, no head scratching, no crying out in frustration. Everything in FireFly3 is where it should be. Everything makes your programming life easier. Hey, so maybe it will save your life after all.

    Not only do FireFly3 programs compile to smaller EXE sizes than FireFly2 ever did, but now the actual compiling process is lightning fast! Don’t blink because you’ll miss it. Even in relatively large programs with over a hundred forms and modules, the code generation happens in only a few brief seconds.

    Hey, talk is cheap right? Check out the videos listed on the download page to get a quick feel for what FireFly3 is all about. Don’t laugh at my accent – I warn you.

    Take your time. Evaluate FireFly3. Ask questions. Compare it to alternative products. Do your homework. When you’re ready, we‘ll love to have you join the FireFly3 Community. Registration gains you access to the Members Only Area where all things FireFly3 is discussed. It is also the central hub for training material, videos, screencasts, and priority and peer support. Sounds exclusive doesn’t it? It is.

    You will never be alone when you become a FireFly3 programmer. The FireFly3 forums are already buzzing with new ideas to enhance the product even further. Great ideas from a great group of satisfied FireFly users!

    I won’t sit here and bang you over the head about how great this new feature is and how great that new feature is. The proof is in the program. Take the trial version for spin and see for yourself. Of course, the trial version does have a few minor limitations but it is sturdy enough to give a true reflection of what the registered FireFly3 version delivers. Oh, and remember that the registered version is being updated all the time. The trial version may lag a little bit behind so registration always brings you the latest and greatest version of the program.

    That’s it for the “big FireFly 3 announcement”. Hope you will take the plunge and give the program a try. I have worked long and hard on this program. I practically wore out a dozen beta testers with my tyranny over the past year (nah, those guys were actually a joy to work with).

    So, here are the important links to get you started.

    Trial version is available at:

    Purchase is available from:
    Upgrade from FireFly2 for only $47
    New FireFly3 purchases are $97

    Special shout out to everyone who has already moved on up to FireFly3. Hope to see the rest of you (and you know who you are!) soon.

    Take care,

    Paul Squires
    Paul Squires
    FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
    Version 3 now available.

    Well, maybe FireFly 3 did not save my life - but it certainly will save me a lot of headaches. And who likes headaches?!

    When I first looked at FireFly 3 I thought: "Looks just like FireFly 2! Not much change." But that was (of course) wrong. Yes, look and feel stayed the same. That means the learning curve to use this new edition is very low. The real changes are under the hood. There is a lot more in the Tools Box. New Controls, An editer with the capability to fold subs and functions.

    And last but certainly not least the fantastic Functions Library. Not only that it has a lot of built in functions like the previous version of FireFly, now you can greatly expand it with your own set of functions. It is more than just a code library. FireFly 3 integrates you functions into the environment. If you write the name of your function in the code editor it will show you tooltips with the parameters.

    And there is more, a lot more! I am still discovering. Start discovering for yourself! It is certainly worth a look.



      I saw FF3 video and posted my order.


        I'm sure you won't be disappointed Eros. Pauls support is excellent and the forums are going to be a great place to pick up example code and tips as well.


          I know, I know.

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            I knew, you knew.


              A few tidbits of information to help explain what is new and what has changed from previous FireFly versions. This is not an exhaustive list but certainly highlights the major points:

              Minimum requirements: Windows XP, although the registered version will work on Windows 2000. Windows 95, 98, ME are not supported.

              What's New
              - Smaller EXE's.
              - Much faster code generation times.
              - Image Manager
              - Functions Library
              - Reference Charts
              - Project Notes/Tasks
              - New FF_AppStart handler. Area where you can specify #Includes or compiler directives.
              - More built in FireFly Functions.
              - Expandable "code snippets"
              - New custom controls; FireLines, FireImage, FireAniGif, FireTextBox, FireLink, FireSplitter.
              - XP Themed button by Jose Roca
              - My Little Grid by James Klutho
              - Code Completion
              - Expandable/Collapsable subs/functions (ie. code folding)
              - Improved Project Explorer for finding subs/functions.
              - New, modern, look and feel for the application.
              - Find in Files, Find/Replace in Project
              - Option to run previously compiled EXE without re-compiling.
              - Builtin support for Patrice Terrier's zTrace utility.
              - Full support for Jose Roca's alternative Win32 API Include files.

              What's Changed
              - Console and DLL projects can no longer be created.
              - ActiveX handling is different (better). Uses Jose Roca's new WinApi Includes.
              - Support forum is now private. Support is only available to registered FireFly3 customers only.
              - FireFly 2 support (email) will end June 30, 2010.
              - No more built in ADO/ADOX support. You now need to manually include Jose Roca's ADO files.
              - New project folder structure.
              - Images are no longer stored in form .frx files.
              - New Code Editor built 100% using PB (no more reliance on CodeMax/CodeSense control)

              I'm sure that I'll think of other areas but for now the above is a good start.
              Paul Squires
              FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
              Version 3 now available.


                Regarding the trial version, there are 5 limitations listed (such as: The compiled EXE's will only run for 5 minutes before exiting).
                Besides these, is there also a 30-day limit that the trial version will run?

                Kind regards


                  Originally posted by Paul Squires View Post
                  ... DLL projects can no longer be created.
                  Too bad. Was there a severe enough technical reason to eliminate this feature?

                  Kind regards


                    Hi Eddy,

                    Yes, sorry, I forgot to list that the trial is also 30-day limited. I will update the website with that information.

                    Creating DLL's using FireFly was removed because it doesn't fit into the design of FireFly which is a GUI creation tool. DLL creation is better suited to using an editor like JellyFish Pro, PBEdit or SED.
                    Paul Squires
                    FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
                    Version 3 now available.


                      To all registered FireFly3 users...

                      A new update, v3.03, is available to you for download from the Member's Only area. Please log in and get your updated version.

                      The v3.03 update addresses issues raised by customers since the inital FireFly3 launch as well as adds a few new features. The publically available trial version will remain at v3.02.
                      Last edited by Paul Squires; 13 Nov 2009, 12:33 PM.
                      Paul Squires
                      FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
                      Version 3 now available.