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  • OpenGL Capability Detector

    I just ran across this free software, which tells you what OpenGL features your PC supports.

    GLView 3

    Welcome to OpenGL Extensions Viewer
    A reliable software which displays useful information about the current OpenGL 3D accelerator.

    OpenGL Extensions Viewer is available for Windows 32bit and 64bit and MacOS X.

    This program displays the vendor name, the version implemented, the renderer name and the extensions of the current OpenGL 3D accelerator.

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    It is very nice program,

    if you need something simpler, without need for installation, you can use similar PB program I posted here: PBWin OpenGL Support Test

    I use it often when I need to detect hardware features of remote user/customer.

    On the other side, the GLView3 has the advantage of built in database of various GPU statistics.

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      I thought I'd seen your post and went looking for it earlier today.

      But when I do a forum search with "OpenGL", your post doesn't come up. I don't know why. I wondered if it had been removed, but your link is good.

      .... my bad ... I didn't go back in time far enough. I was sure your post was earlier this year (wasn't!).
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