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BasictoPHP 4.0 Released.

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  • BasictoPHP 4.0 Released.

    We have just released the version 4.0 of our compiler!

    Here's a list of some of the most relevant changes:
    • New: Login to BasictoPHP anywhere without requiring a serial number, just using your forum's username and password.
    • New: IDE is now fully High DPI aware.
    • New: Backup and restore your project profiles on the BasictoPHP's website for accessing your website's BAS files for edition anywhere.
    • New: Intergated WEB server. Now you can test your scripts locally without having to install 3rd party software, including PBCGI scripts.
    • New: Script explorer, quickly access to the positions of various parts of the script with a single click. It also allows to access functions, variables Types, forms and other parts in included files, as well as inserting variables to the script with double clicks.
    • New: Quickly switch between saved tab sets with the selector in the statusbar.
    • New: Create PHP scripts directly but with access to the BasictoPHP's convenient metacommands.
    • New: Generated code can now make a syntax check of the generated PHP source code (including code between PHP tags) and display results if configured to do so (requires configuring local PHP, included now with the installer). Source code that cannot be encrypted, will always be parsed after the encoder returns an error. It can be turned off to speedup compile process, in that case errors can be catched at run-time.
    • New: Dedidated syntax checking feature supporting BASIC and PHP languages.
    • New: Encrypted online notes. Store notes and access them anywhere with your BasictoPHP's forum user and password.
    • New: Encrypted local notes. Store notes and access them anywhere with your BasictoPHP's forum user and password.
    • New: USB portability support, take your installation anywhere. BasictoPHP detects if its being run from a USB and saves configuration to file instead of registry.
    • Fix: PBCGI scripts were generating incorrect source code for FORMOUT under some cases.
    • Fix: PBCGI scripts can now output strings longer than 32764 characters long.
    • Fix: Script now generates correct source code for macros using GLOBAL variables.
    • Fix: FTP Browser now supports Windows Based FTP servers.
    • Fix. Locked scripts will now be always read-only.
    • Fix. Compiler results will not overlap with caret coordinates in the status bar.
    • Add: Support for editing HTML files into the IDE without need to open them referenced form a BAS script. Including by commandline.
    • Add: Support for editing PHP files into the IDE without need to open them referenced form a BAS script. Including by commandline.
    • Improvement: Now the #OPTION configuration for PBWIN or PBCC is always required for PBCGI scripts.
    • Hundreds of internal improvements, including syntax handler and code generator (in fact, most of the major upgrades are there!).

    We also plan on releasing videos periodically showing how to do something, from simple tasks to advanced programming tricks that we have gathered over the past couple years.

    Here is the first video (soon to come also to the website):Introduction to BasictoPHP - Youtube video

    As always, allow us a humble request, please support us by purchasing a license!

    Note for our appreciated customers: If you reported an issue with BasictoPHP in version 3.0, and the issue was not fixed until version 4.0, please send us a private message over our forums.

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    Note: There are three things that you might need to do before couple features work as expected:
    1. If you want to test scripts locally using the integrated web server, you need to create an exception in your firewall for BasictoPHP. Otherwise the web server wont be able to work correctly. This might be done automatically, but you may need to do it manually.
    2. If you want to edit HTML files in the integrated HTML token inserter, you will need to install the DHTML control. This is not necessary if you plan on using an external HTML editor.
    3. If your DEMO period has expired, you will need a trial period extension, you can send me a private message to obtain a period extension.

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      Brian, I'm considering basic2php for a project I may implement (or not). Took a look at your YouTube video. If I may project some observations.

      1. Dude, you need to slow it down. Remember, you are familiar with the program. I am not (probably among many other people). Racing that cursor and clicking on something you didn't provide the time to read can be annoying.

      2. For the time being, all I would want is to create the script and run it locally on my default web browser. I may be wrong about this but it appears one has to have a web page on an ISP. It is true I may have missed this. If so, my bad.

      3. Please replace that little girls voice with something that can be understood.
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        > I may be wrong about this but it appears one has to have a web page on an ISP

        Not quite, but one does have to have a functioning web server since PHP is implemented server-side. You would normally instal something like WAMPServer or XAMP locally. By locally, I mean either on your LAN or on your development machine

        (I do all of my development on a laptop and run WAMPServer on it - )


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          Stuart, you only need a local web server if you will test some advanced behaviour in your scripts,
          BasictoPHP 4.0 has it's own simplified web server integrated that serves the purpose of testing
          your scripts in any browser, with one click, locally. And it works with CGI, EXE or PHP scripts.
          Btw, those links are for the same script compiled for diferent languages, and yes, its unfinished.

          Mel, im sorry, I'm not a good video editor, but i will forward this suggestion to the editor. If you
          have a website, BasictoPHP allows you to test your scripts live in your real website, but if you don't,
          then you can use the integrated web server (as the video explains). You will probably have to add
          an exception in your firewall, but it does the job pretty well.

          As for the voice, That's exactly what we did! :laugh: Trust us, our spoken english is even worse.
          But we will try to get videos done with a real voice.

          BTW, if you need help with your project, dont hesitate to ask.

          Last edited by Brian Alvarez; 19 Oct 2013, 05:43 PM.