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  • BasictoPHP - Free Update 4.01

    We have just released BasictoPHP 4.01. This release includes several improvements that made the version 4 better. If you already own BasictoPHP, make sure you download this free update!
    • Fix. Integrated web Server was hanging after a number of responses.
    • Fix. Initial Encoder setup was not correctly saving encoder path.
    • Fix. Macros were not using correctly the brackets.
    • Fix. User tools were being missplaced after adding a new tool.
    • Fix. Form data is now correctly parsed for local scripts.
    • Fix. INC files now correctly open when clicking on the FORM metacommand.
    • Fix. First call to a script was not working on a local test, an initial test was required to initialize the engine.
    • Fix. Now Run locally from the menu honors it's purpose.
    • Fix. Now changing the project's path doesn't require restarting the IDE.
    • Fix. A feature that updates the paths when running BasictoPHP from a USB drive (whose drive letter sometimes change), was not behaving correctly. This has been fixed.
    • Fix. List of recent files is now also supported by the dynamic paths (changing drive letters) of USB installation.
    • New. Syntax checking now supports PB-CGI scripts as well.
    • New. Integrated console viewer now supports bigger font setting press + for bigger font, and - for smaller font.
    • New. #TIMELIMIT is now supported by PB-CGI scripts too.
    • Improvement. Console apps now support emulation and real console display (requires execution privilleges or admin privilleges).
    • Improvement. Now the last console output uses real console windows as well.
    • Improvement. Now BasictoPHP eliminates the calls to WAITKEY$ when the script is being uploaded to an internet website.
    • Improvement. Improved error checking for initial configuration.
    • Improvement. Improved error descriptions for syntax errors.
    • Improvement. ECHO, PRINT, PRINTBR and STDOUT can now print numbers with a carrige return and line feed as well as an HTML break.
    • Improvement. HTML Edit control can now be installed from within BasictoPHP when necessary. Just follow on screen instructions when prompted.
    • Improvement. Sound notifications are now easier to configure.
    • Improvement. Configuration window has now many tooltips on every control to describe what each option does.
    • Improvement. Engine now detects errors in the metacommands when pre-processing PHP scripts.
    • Improvement. When a recent file is clicked to be opened, but it is already opened, it's tab is focused, rather than just displaying a message box stating that it is already open.
    • Change. Removed local port configuration.

    Remember to update your BasictoPHP data folder. And make sure it is a private folder, because several folders are created there.

    Please support us by purchasing a license!

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    Almost forgot... the help file was updated. It now contains several new entries for explaining some of the new features. Hopefully more changes to the help file are coming.


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      We had to re-upload the update, today we found that arrays in PHP scripts being called in lines prior
      (not at execution time, but compile-time) to DIMensioning were raising a compile-time error. PBCGI
      scripts were working just fine.

      This fixes that issue.

      Sorry to re-upload an update this soon, but we believe it is an important fix.

      You can download the update here.

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