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My Little Grid Version 3.03 is ready for download

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  • My Little Grid Version 3.03 is ready for download

    I just uploaded My Little Grid Version 3.03 to the Planetsquires website. This is a minor bug fix update:

    1) Fixed monitor scaling of checkboxes (bitmap)
    2) Fixed row value return on some notification messages

    My Little Grid comes in two versions. The demo version is freeware which allows for 26 columns, 5000 rows in grid, and 3 worksheets. This may be all many of the users need so feel free to use this version as you wish. The purchased registered version allows for 2000 columns, 2,000,000,000 rows, 255 worksheets, source code, SLL support and only costs $35.

    My Little Grid is meant to be an easy to use, basic grid with databases in mind. With Workbooks, it is now an unbelievable value. Please take it for a spin around the block. If you are a paid user, grab the zip file password and have fun with this new version.

    I hope you like using My Little Grid. Check it out at Planetsquires.


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    Thanks Jim,

    That fixed the problem I was having with the row return, excellent service as always.

    I can thoroughly recommend MLG.


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      Thanks for the update Jim.
      Fredrick Ughimi


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        Thanks - Just working on a project with MLG and FireFly


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          Just to bump this thread for folks who have joined the PowerBasic community in the last year. If you need a grid for your programming needs, check out My Little Grid. The freeware/demo version might fill all your needs. The registered version costs only $35 and will allow bigger grids, has an SLL and gives you the PB10 source code.

          Happy programming.


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            And as a pro-MLG testimony, I'd like to say that free version is way more than capable of meeting my grid needs in pretty much all my apps. I think James has been quite generous with the limitations of the free version.

            I opted to buy the $$ version but haven't yet reached the limits of the free version.


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              Still available?


              BMT Micro indicates that MLG is no longer sold. Is there another way to buy this?

              BMT Micro Shopping Cart Error

              Your order contains a product that is no longer sold: Product 66710000 (My Little Grid) is not available for purchase at this time. Please contact for more information.
              Last edited by John Reinking; 29 Jan 2016, 07:09 PM. Reason: poorly worded sentence ...


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                Last edited by Dale Yarker; 29 Jan 2016, 04:59 PM.


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                  Hi John and Dale!

                  James Klutho recently sold me the rights to MLG and I do plan to continue selling it. As you saw, he's already removed it from the online sites where it was being sold under his name. I'll post a new site location soon.

                  In the meantime, if you'd like to purchase MLG just send me an email at and I'll give you more information. I should have a sales site up sometime next week.


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                    Great! Sent you an email ...


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                      Where can I download the latest version of MLG?

                      Gary, I just sent you an email regarding this. The Planet Squires is broken.

                      Best regards.
                      Fredrick Ughimi