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  • nimble v4.02 (update)

    On June 1st, I will be releasing nimble v4.02 release. This release has taken this project to the next milestone for nimbleJS. With this powerful IDE, I have created my first complete Singe Page website. It took only 3 weeks to build this prototype, so I hope you enjoy the eyecandy.

    Now, I'm not going to "overhype" nimble and claim it's "the best thing since sliced bread". I will tell you that the design provides the solid building blocks for continued improvement and growth. With every sample prototype, the ability to create complex Web Components has become easier, more stable while improving overall development time.

    But more importantly, building this demo was fun! As I "play" with this IDE, I am learning "best practices" and seeing greater potential with each demo prototype. The core is solid and gives me confidence to build even more. I find myself not editing/debugging the IDE, but simply using it and day-dreaming about new demos to create.

    So if you are interested in using an inspiring PowerBASIC IDE that can bridge the gap to Linux, as well as Web Application. Check out

    Using nimble to create a Single Page Website:

    Creating Authorable Web Components:

    nimble-ide & nimbleJS - A web development tool for Desktop Developers!
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    I have released v4.02 as promised.

    Change Log:
    - Added dialog & tab page snapshot images to preview dialogs on hover.
    - Used snapshot feature for Custom Control visual in UI.
    - Fixed Tooltip memory leak.
    - Fixed Dialog initilization issue with child dialog styles.
    - Cleaned nimbleJS event pre/post event handling.
    - Tested Windows 8.1 compatibility / usability. (On my Surface Pro 3/i7, Yippee!!)
    - Fixed Properties dialog (Misc. Properties) button placement on resize.
    - Fixed Auto-Focus issue on hover of textbox on Property panel.
    - Disabled CheckForChangedFiles() routine, affecting build order.

    nimble-ide v4.0
    "Use PowerBASIC, but stay nimble."
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      version 4.03 - update

      This version of nimble adds achieves a new level of accuracy and features. I am really proud at how the interface is coming together and there are a number of features I want to highlight here.

      • F-Key support. - Just press F1 and get a menu of all the convenience features I've included with nimble.
      • Enabled Controls! - Until now, I kept all controls in the IDE "disabled" to avoid event trigger conflicts with the runtime because I wanted to be sure everything was clean and stable. Version 4.03 allows the IDE to run in "edit" mode with full controls enabled. Basically, its just a visual improvement, and only disabled 3 lines of code to achieve.
      • .HTML Export. (New!) - Nimble now plays well with other frameworks! Use PowerBASIC & nimble-ide to create desktop application, Use the full nimbleJS framework to build powerful Single Page Web Applications, or export responsive Web Controls for use in your favorite framework. (Angular, Knockout, AEM, etc..)
      • Web Widgets. - Create small re-usable widget for use in any project. Nimble now save the snapshot of the widget so it renders as a custom control within the IDE.
      • Pixel Point precision - Below are screenshots of a sample Web Component created with nimble-ide. I added 4 (10x10) red labels to each corner of the dialog to check the precision of nimble with Web Component rendering in Google Chrome.

      • Web Component View - Exporting web components will create a component.html that is commented for easy extraction of the component from the html document. It includes the full responsive .CSS and 1000byte javascript file which allows you to switch your Component View. Nimble makes creating complex, powerful responsive web components a snap! Simply select an item in the dropdown and watch the component react.
      • Compatibility - Did I mention nimbleJS is copmpatible with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and even Opera!

      Output Sample:
      Website: A Complete Responsive .HTML/CSS component.
      Project Sample:
      Download :

      Use PowerBASIC, but stay nimble!
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        nimble v4.04 release

        What can I say? The kid is back! This nimble v4.04 release adds the next level of stability and features to the software platform. v4.04 includes quite a few bug fixes, but also includes some nice Web Development enhancement.

        - Optimize Form & Control Callback functions within runtime. (Performance Boost!)
        - Optimize use of GetProp / SetProp functionality. (Performance Boost!)
        - Added BeforeUnload and OnExit event to .web <XML> schema.
        - Added UI refreshes where needed.
        - Added REST Service Header Config options. Improved AJAX script. (ie Chrome's Advance REST Client)
        - Added Build/Information Log at bottom of UI.
        - Created How-To documentation with Clarify.
        - Centered Dialog snapshot with vertically with Project dialog.
        - Added "Lock" property to make controls ignore mouse events.
        - Added jQuery AJAX snippet for REST Service Builder.
        - Reduce DDT flicker. (while creating editing Tab Control & Tab Pages)
        - Added .ActionState property to Form instance for better event driven control.
        - Added Control Array support for nimbleJS Web Apps.

        - Fixed Batch Compile Common Dialog Load.
        - Fixed runtime .VWS reference.
        - Fixed runtime check for NextGroupID.
        - Fixed Delete Dialog routine to also remove snapshot, and views.
        - Fixed runtime dialog Got/Lost focus message with MDI child dialogs.
        - Fixed SEO edit controls horizontal scroll & text limit.
        - Fixed! Detect if dialog names exist before added.
        - Fixed! Excess carriage returns at end of image.rc file.
        - Fixed! Ruler tick mark draw routine. (Cancelled horizontal ruler draw prematurely.)
        - Fixed UI Editor zOrdering for Image based controls.
        - Fixed Click/Multi select drag reset.
        - Fixed Control Array creation(initialization) & Event parsing for nimbleJS.
        - Fixed Build-Order array corruption & Interface manager.

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          nimble v4.05 is coming...

          Can you smell that? Yes, the wood in the furnace of my brain is burning. And there's no telling what Tye will cook up for 4.05... but it's coming!

          Proposed feature list:
          - Version control for nimbleJS (started working on nimbleJS4)
          - Clean up nimbleJS global name space usage. Create $nim (for core), $heap (for apps)
          - Added individual unit control for HTML/CSS Export feature.
          - Added Multi-select feature to complex Properties (Styles, StylesEX, and nimbleJS properties)
          - Working on Multi-language support. HOT!
          - Added "Skeleton" .CSS Theme creator to WebApp build options.
          - Added Control Arrays for nimbleJS Web Apps.
          and more to come..

          But while you wait, feel free to check out some of the latest 'featured' videos.

          The nimbleJS difference.

          The nimbleJS Export to HTML, CSS, & Javascript

          The nimbleJS (Advanced REST Client Pt1)

          The nimbleJS (Advanced REST Client Pt2)

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