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  • BasictoPHP - Updated news.

    A lot has happened in the background, BasictoPHP 5.0 now supports
    GRAPHIC control, notifications, VIDEO control (with support for MEDIA
    embedded objects for pramatically controlling it), Better object support,
    more control styles, more "Windows" messages supported... Etc.

    Also, the services are almost complete, it works very well, you wont have
    to do the complecated stuff that Android requires to do it, instead, you
    will be able to just provide a SERVICE FUNCTION, which will be able to call
    other service functions and start the app automatically upon reboot.

    We havent been able to release because we have our hands full. We believe
    we have a good compiler, but our daily job requires us to work on the
    iOS version. So, soon (relatively) BasictoPHP (soon called PluriBASIC),
    is expected to support compilation of iOS apps just like it now compiles
    applications for Android, and still support CGI in the form of PHP, ASP
    and PowerBASIC.

    Metro apps are not out of the plans, but future plans, but in the near future,
    no major changes (or none at all) are expected to be required in the source
    code between iOS apps and Android Apps.

    If you want to purchase BasictoPHP, you can contact us here, Thanks!