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Macrium Reflect 6 clone problem

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  • Macrium Reflect 6 clone problem

    I went from Acronis True Image to Macrium Relect 5 to clone with great success a few years ago.
    Macrium Reflect 6 came out and could not get clone to work so went back to version 5.
    A few months later tried version 6 and cloning has worked until now with current update.

    The last partition is shown all in red with version 6. It continually asks if an xml file is wanted.
    The screens are no longer atrractive (which really doesn't matter.)
    I've cleared the destination drive and used different sata sources and destination with same problem.
    I've run CHKDSK on source without any problem. Simply can't clone with version 6.

    Another issue I found was that when hidden other programs can not get focus with a clone running in the background.

    I have gone back to version 5.3 build 7299. I highly suggest you keep installer for older version.
    Mine was found in c:\windows\installer\reflect_setupv5.3.7299-x86-00.msi
    Tried to find a 5 version on the internet and only found version 5.1 build 5603.
    I will probably try Reflect again in a few months.

    Anyone having problems with version 6?

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    I can no longer use Macrium Refect cloning without repairing the new target drive and it won't clone to a USB 3.0 drive.
    I have tried O-O backup ToDoEase and found a clear winner and it is free AOMEI Backupper. It has worked with everything..


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      I abandoned Macrium Reflect when it failed me the one time I needed it on my last Win 7 machine. I use Acronis on this Win 10 machine and it did work the only time I ever needed it.
      hutch at movsd dot com
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        I tried Macrium Reflect 7 clone today. It locks up at 98% performing trim and wiped out the destination partition.
        Never have a problem with AOMEI Backupper and it is free.


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          Reflect 8 clones large ssd to a smaller one!
          Paid version has Rapid Delta Clone (RDC) which enables only copying what has changed.


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            I have been using Reflect 7.3 home paid edition for a few months now with no problems using incremental backup to a USB drive. Just upgraded to Reflect 8. Hoping for the best...
            - LJ