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EZGUI 5.0 professional for building next generation software

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  • EZGUI 5.0 professional for building next generation software

    It is good to see PowerBasic finally has a new home. While we wait for the next generation compilers, third party addons may be the solution for many developers who need more.

    Having been a long time Powerbasic user myself, I have followed the development of Powerbasic over the years and early on came to an important conclusion. Bob Zale concentrated on the core compiler itself and its raw power and performance. The core compiler couldn't get much better IMO (except of course 64 bit). It is feature rich. But it was weaker in the GUI area and that would be my primary area for development.

    Powerbasic was originally marketed as an addon to classic Visual Basic, but when Visual Basic ended, Bob had little choice but to develop GUI features in the compiler. When that happened, I was already developing EZGUI 1.0 and when DDT came out, EZGUI was already ahead of the compiler when it comes to GUI features.

    When PB 6.0 was introduced DDT only supported (directly) the following controls:

    Icon Button
    Bitmap Button
    Image (icon or bitmap)
    Option (radio button)
    Edit (textbox)

    About the same time, EZGUI 1.0 supported the basic controls above (except line) along with:

    Tab control
    UpDown control
    Toolbar control
    Tooltips control

    as well as its own first custom control the Masked Edit control

    EZGUI 1.0 had its own Event engine which eliminated the need to process window messages for common tasks and had a layer engine which made working with the tab control easy. It even has its first generation (rudimentary) Visual Designer Drag and Drop engine in it.

    Since then, EZGUI has stayed far head of the compiler when it comes to GUI features.

    While EZGUI directly supports most of the controls in PowerBasic 10, it goes far beyond that with the following controls:

    UpDown control
    RichEdit control
    Trackbar control
    Animation control
    DateTime control
    Calendar control
    Rebar control
    Pager control
    MDI Client control

    While PB 10 has its own Graphic control (static ownerdraw), EZGUI 5.0 has its own Canvas control with features not found in Powerbasic and not directly supported in the GDI such as:

    2D Sprite engine
    22 image filters
    Effects engine
    360 degree bitmap rotation, scale and transparency in just one command

    EZGUI 5.0 goes further with its own proprietary 3D Graphic control which does everything its 2D Canvas control can do with a 3D scripting language built in, based on OpenGL. It supports the STL (3D model) format as well.

    EZGUI 5.0 has a number of custom controls not found in the Windows API or in PB 10 such as:

    Drag Handle control (for building visual designers)
    Masked Edit control
    Turtle Graphics control
    File Listbox control
    Property Listbox control
    MCI control
    Shape/Hotspot/Splitterbar control

    Because of its ownerdraw engine built in, it also has its own 3D colored button controls.

    But EZGUI goes further.

    It supports Ownerdraw and Customdraw and it has an easy to use version of each.
    It supports multiple monitors.
    Supports drawing using Themes.
    Layer engine.
    AutoSize engine.
    Drag and Drop engine for building visual designers including drag handle, snap to grid, etc.
    Print controls or form to printer

    EZGUI 5.0 is also very low level with hundreds of commands for customizing an application at a low level.

    EZGUI is here now and allows one to build the next generation of apps with advanced GUI features.

    EZGUI 5.0 normally sells for $249, but is currently on sale for only $49.

    For more information or to purchase visit my website here:

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    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"

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    Video which shows using Visual Designer and all the choices for controls using EZGUI:

    Using EZGUI Custom Controls in the designer. The Listbox, Listview, Label, Combobox and tab control all support this feature. Design your own custom controls using EZGUI's customizing commands and add them to the designer.

    One of EZGUI's most favorite feature, layers. Other products don't have this feature and it is unique to EZGUI. No need to have multiple forms just to use a tab control, like other designers do. EZGUI let's you use layers to impliment a tab control. Layers can be used without tab controls too.

    EZGUI "visual" Tab Order editor:

    Rather than UNDO and REDO, EZGUI's Designer uses a unique approach, its Visual Bookmark feature:

    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"


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      It is important to note that EZGUI is not a Visual Designer in the normal sense. The Visual Designer which comes with it was designed specifically for the EZGUI framework. EZGUI is a GUI framework, which is the core of the product. With a command set off nearly a 1000 GUI commands, it is a feature rich GUI engine which replaces the need for the Windows API or any other GUI command set.

      EZGUI is now in its 5th generation and very feature rich.

      EZGUI has a number of built in proprietary features, not found directly in the Windows API. From its 2D Sprite engine to its custom controls, EZGUI provides an extensive set of GUI commands to build even high end GUI applications.
      Chris Boss
      Computer Workshop
      Developer of "EZGUI"


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        Sale continues ....
        Chris Boss
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        Developer of "EZGUI"


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          continues ...
          Chris Boss
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          Developer of "EZGUI"


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            From today (June 29) until July 3rd, 2017 when you purchase EZGUI 5.0 Professional, get another 50% off the already low price of $49. Act quick. This sale is fixed in the BMT-Micro order page and will automatically end on July 3rd.

            Get EZGUI for only $24.50 now.

            Click on the Order Button for EZGUI 5.0 Professional on this web page:

            Chris Boss
            Computer Workshop
            Developer of "EZGUI"