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Thank-You Giveaway for my long-year Forum Friends

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  • Thank-You Giveaway for my long-year Forum Friends

    I have been programming the last years on my Tool "Smart Package Robot".
    Its some sort of "Macro-Scripting-Tool" that ca be used to automate Mouse and Keyboard Macros.

    In Fact it contains a Packer and Unpacker for Software-Files. A little bit like WInZIP but with the Option to run a Script after Unpacking.
    And then do an automated installation.

    Its mostly used together with Programms for Software-Distribution to automatically install Software that can not be installed in any other way easily.

    How is it used? Take a look into the Video.

    So, as i have had a lot of help for programming from the Forum here,
    i want to say "Thanks" and give my long-Year Forum Friends a free Licence to my tool.

    You can use it to pack and distribute your own Software - for example.
    You may not sell it without my permission.

    Note that the Video is from the first version. By now the Tool has over 700 Commands to do all sorts of stuff around automated Installations.

    So how can you get it?
    You can anyway buy it from me for $999 but thats for "Non-long Year Forum Users".

    If you ...
    - Post here in the Forum at least since 2012 (If I do not know you, you may need to show me an old Post of yours)
    - Are a wellknown Member of this Forum
    - Send me your complete Contact data (includes address, E-Mail and Phonenumber) to my E-Mail or here in the Forum
    - The Name in the Forum must be your Real Name

    you qualify for a Free Licence. This will then be sent to you with E-Mail together with a Licence File that contains your Name.

    PS: Currently its not distributed in USA. If somebody has a good idea about it, you are also welcome to talk to me.
    --Theo Gottwald
    76706 Dettenheim * Germany *
    Joses Forum * Theo's Link Site *