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  • MarshallSoft - SEE4PB - Email Content Parsing

    I use the MarshallSoft see4PB product to download emails and their attachments.

    But I'm not clear on how to identify HTML fragments nor base64-encoded data streams found within the decoded emails.

    Identifying complete embedded HTML documents is easy enough because of the wrapper code that encloses it. But in the decoded emails I often see fragments of HTML and am not sure how to detect those fragments.

    Likewise, there seems to be blocks of base64-encoded data in some of the incoming decoded email. I don't think the blocks are attachments, because attachments seem to be handled just fine during the incoming email decoding process. But the blocks don't appear to have any boundary markers to help me know what email content is plain text vs base46-encoded data.

    Has anyone worked with See4PB and is familiar enough with the problems I've described to suggest a solution, or to discuss how they handle the situation?

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    PB Gazette #33 might be a useful read.
    Rgds, Dave


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      Howdy, Dave!
      The Marshallsoft See4PB DLL downloads emails which are encoded as the gazette talks about, then decodes then incoming emails, returning information such as header information, plain text body content, HTML fragments, HTML documents and data blocks. I've sent Mike (Marshallsoft) a message asking for some guidance on how to identify the content that might be found in the decoded emails. It's the HTML fragments and data blocks that I'm not yet sure how to work with.

      The content of the gazette you mention will definitely be helpful, I think, in understanding the response that Mike provides. Thanks for pointing that out to me (2003 edition).