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  • SocketTools

    I'm considering purchasing SocketTools for use in writing an email client and would appreciate comments from folks familiar with the product - pros and cons.

    I'm especially interested in how well SocketTools handles incoming emails - identifying/extracting the text/html parts of the email, as well as handling attachments. Comments on documentation, customer support, ease of use, and compatibility with PowerBASIC are also of interest.

    If you'd rather not post something online, an email would be welcome as well. Send your comments to me at [email protected].

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    Gary, I've not used it to receive email yet. I have used SocketTools to send emails, communicate with https services, ftp/ftps, straight sockets. Its one of the trusted tools in my toolbox! Great support and good documentation too.


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      I’m a happy ST client doing REST and email. Only read POP emails but send securely via exchange and Office 365. IIRC there is a trial available.


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        Gary, Add me to the list of long time satisfied customers of SocketTools. Have used the e-mail (SMTP) module in MANY different business applications, but mainly to just send. I did test several of their included samples with our Exchange server to receive e-mail and they performed well as designed. I’ve also used a couple of their other modules including FTP. Also, the build your own server functions of the library to build a very basic web server integrated directly into one of my applications. I used a different module of the library to create a full backup and restore module for a customer with a IBM iSeries mainframe. The library is very flexible.
        I’ve only needed to contact support a couple of times...response was quick, to the point and spot on.
        No idea how I could have accomplished many of the things my applications have done over the years without this tool in my tool box!!

        IMO They have great tools and great support


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          I join the club of very satisfied SocketTools users. I too haven't used it to receive emails, but constructing/sending. I also used other parts of it. I don't see any real cons, other than maybe the generic "I don't want to use 3rd party stuff/separate files (DLLs)". The pros IMHO are:

          - Example source code in a variety of languages, including PB (there's both a SMTP and IMAP PB/WIN 10 example included)*)
          - "Obscenely" detailed documentation
          - Mike and the folks over there are very helpful

          *) As there's a trial version of ST available, you can check those out yourself.


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            These support Google using Oauth2 without lowering security.

            Email and many more:

            Specialitzes in email:
            How long is an idea?
            Write it down.