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How to install MLG into FireFly?

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  • How to install MLG into FireFly?

    I've just started learning MyLittleGrid (MLG), and now that I have it working in the PBWin IDE, I want to get it working under Firefly.

    I'm a registered user of MLG 3.03, Firefly 3.7, and PB10.04, and I use only JR includes III 1.07 (and of course, my own).

    Some time back, I apparently deleted the MLG DEMO files, so I have no other installation to compare against.

    Can anyone post their folder structure and which files are in which folders?

    If I copy a working setup and it still doesn't work, I may need to ask about/compare contents of various file.

    Thanks for your help!

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    John, do you have the MLG.chm file?
    There is a section near the end about using MLG with FF

    Here are the relevant parts:

    1) Unzip the file in the file.

    2) Put the contents of the zip which should be



    into a folder under the Firefly folder. The path should be similar to the following

    C:\Program Files\Firefly\Custom Controls\Petroleum Software Solutions\MLG\MLG.ctl

    C:\Program Files\Firefly\Custom Controls\Petroleum Software Solutions\MLG\MLG.ico

    Look how the other custom controls are arranged and you will get the idea.

    3) Put a copy of the MLG.dll and in this folder

    4) Start Firefly and drag a MLG control to the form. The tooltips will inform you of which of the grid controls is MLG.

    5) In the Properties box, set your desired switches and styles. At a minimum the control needs to be a WS_CHILD, WS_VISIBLE and probable an ExStyle edge of some type



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      Ian, thanks! I had it all right but the INC file. BTW, for future lurkers, I think MLG_DLLPB.INC is for the demo; for the registered version, it's MLG.INC

      Also, I had made 2 other mistakes:
      - In FF_AppStart, I had put an explicit #INCLUDE "MLG.INC". Turns out, that line duplicates what the .CTL file does. (had many compile conflicts!) So: deleted that line and all's good.
      - Into FRMMAIN_WM_CREATE, I had copied code from a working "plain PB" program, which contains: Control Add "MYLITTLEGRID" ...
      That created double panels and controls, etc.... So: deleted that code, and am now relying ONLY on dragging from the TOOLS control list. All's good!

      Two more things I had to remember, in FRMMAIN_WM_CREATE:
      - be sure to call MLG_Init
      - use the special command to remove the big X (anti-theft feature) from each grid...

      Oh, and another change from "plain PB" code to FF: the handle that was "hGrid1" becomes something more like: HWND_FRMMAIN_MLG1

      So now I'm up and running, and appreciative for the help!