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  • PluriBASIC - Changes

    I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread with the list of changes made. So i will try to keep up with bug fixes anc improvements.

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    This option was not resetting back to default (for PB-CGI) when inserted and then removed the command. Fixed it.


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      PB-CGI : WEB_NAVIGATE is now thread-safe. Now you can download several HTML pages at the same time.
      PHP : Fixed MYSQL_ERROR. It was working fine when PluriBASIC needed to generate MYSQL statements, but was retuning an empty string when PluriBASIC generated MYSQLI statements..
      PHP & PB-CGI : Added a special option: HTTPS, which will save CSS content with an HTTPS prefix instead of an HTTP one.
      PHP & PB-CGI : Added #CSSPATH, which allows to specify a subdirectory to save generated CSS content to.
      PB-CGI : Fixed the UDT count for udts that contain elements with the name "type". The engine was counting the element as a new
      type and generating a cgi that crashed.
      PB-CGI : UDT elements of type STRING with no specified length, will have a default length of 255, but for database queries will generate a field of type TEXT instead of VARCHAR(255).


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        PB-CGI : FORMFIELD was ignoring the last form field for non multi-part forms. Fixed it as well.