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PluriBASIC - APK to AAB converter.

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  • PluriBASIC - APK to AAB converter.

    Since August 2021, Google's Playstore doesnt allow uploading apps in APK format to the Playstore.

    I have been focusing in PluriBASIC 6's PHP capabilities, since my work often requires it, but i also make APK's in PluriBASIC 5,
    so, i have finally finished the APK to AAB converter.

    It integrates very well with PluriBASIC's projects but it also supports apps created with Android Studio or other platforms. It also allows
    testing APK's extracted from the generated AAB. It even allows to use custom jks certificates, so, you have complete control over your app.

    I have tested it and it seems to work perfectly in the Playstore with all my commercial apps, big and small.

    Also, I have decided to not renew the website and release PluriBASIC 6 as a donation-based IDE. I will prepare a new installer and post it here one of these days.