When we started working on the Android engine for PluriBASIC we wanted something quick and simple. Of course it started to grow a lot and when we noticed, what we had was a monster of implementation. The perfect analogy would be a Frankenstein. While it worked and had all the features we needed, it was a bit clunky.

Still, we loved it, and we used it in a regular basis, so, it grew even more. However, the engine had tons of things to improve. For example, the engine would not allow to edit the manifest, it simply gathered all the project's data and created the required manifest. To this day I had personally never needed to manually add anything to the manifest, but other people had needed and were not able to.

Permissions used to be all requested at the beginning of the execution, but then the new policies of Google made this obsolete and in need of a change. Now some permissions required the programmer to create special dialog explaining what permissions were required and what would those be used for. Thats ok, but the engine had to change.

The engine would not allow to load Layouts either. The PlayStore now requires AAB's instead of APK's. No easy way to edit XLS files for strings, values, styles and more. The engine was working wonders but it was somewhat slow.

Anyway, 4 days ago we started working on finishing the PluriBASIC 6's implementation for Android Apps, and surprisingly we made a lot of progress. We have completely revamped the engine internals. It generates code much faster. The stock functions are completely new, simpler and faster. We didnt take anytihng from the old engine besides the function names.

By using the engine for PluriBASIC 6 on Android Apps i am now compiling the apps like 60% faster. It now has support for RelaviveLayout, LinearLayout, FrameLayout and we plan to add more. Now we can add a base manifest fo that PluriBASIC completes it (your edits have priority so, if there is already a property or data on the manifest PluriBASIC will not override it).

There is still work to be done but we have some time now. Next, the service part. It will allow to auto-start apps and keep them working on the background is the main app is closed. We also want to add a way to add extra classes (raw Java classes).

When we finish, it will be donation supported.

By the way, thanks to everyone who have sent us donations. Thanks to that, we are now able to work on this.