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Please look at line 490 - What is that???

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  • Please look at line 490 - What is that???

    Please look at line 490 - What is that???
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    From his file ...
    [60694.006]  |    |   ERROR: 2|-1|-1|SQL_OpenDatabase2|999000049|#0049|-951|[Perfect Sync][SQL Tools] ERROR_ADVISORY|60693.957|


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      SQL Tools Help File / Appendix D: SQL Tools Error Codes...

      %ERROR_ADVISORY (value 999000049)

      If this error message is generated by a Get or Info function (SQL_GetSomething or SQL_SomethingInfo, etc.) it means that the database and/or ODBC driver does not support the requested Info type, and SQL Tools was not able to use an alternative method to obtain it.

      In other cases %ERROR_ADVISORY is very similar to the ODBC Error Code %SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO. It usually means that SQL Tools was able to perform the requested function, but that you may need to know about (and act upon) a certain detail.

      If this message is generated by the SQL_OpenDatabase function, it means that the SQL_OpenDatabase function determined that your ODBC driver cannot perform "Fetch Scroll" operations, so your use of SQL_Fetch will be limited to %NEXT_ROW operations.


      There's a CR/LF missing for some reason, but the next line of the trace is

      [60694.006] | | Can't FetchScroll

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