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    I just want to clear the air over using the site for this project. Stan is the project manager and all I'm providing is a rent free home. I have been evolved in open source projects since 1999 and have been managing them since 2003. I have my hands full with the ScriptBasic open source project and I'm only acting as a facilitator for this one.

    I was told that PowerBASIC is behind this project due to the potential sales that could come of it. If VB programmers are not willing to move to .NET, PowerBASIC is a great alternative. Is providing a hidden forum and allowing posts to the Cafe what is meant by "being behind the project"? PowerBASIC wins by default if this project produces something usable without having to lift a finger. If PowerBASIC is truely behind this project, a commitment to extend the variant type functionality to make this conversion go more smoothly would be a good sign of a commitment.

    We really need to stop the positioning going on and get busy with a united front. I heard in a post on a Basic related site that FreeBASIC is moving in the direction of a VB like front end. Lets pull together and back Stan to lead us to developing a tool we all can be proud of.


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    Not meaning to be argumentative here, but a PRIVATE FORUM is not a "hidden" forum.

    Providing the PRIVATE FORUM means that PowerBASIC is behind the project.

    PowerBASIC, Inc. does not have to provide us with the PRIVATE FORUM, and it certainly does not have to provide us with their code on anything, let alone variants.

    Furthermore, this project should be conducted in a PRIVATE FORUM rather than a VAPORWARE forum to minimize the problems of fragmentation, distraction, and inclusion of VAPORWARE policies.

    And yes, PowerBASIC is probably behind the project because of sales that will come out of it. What part of providing a PRIVATE FORUM to create a product that will enhance their business is bad business?

    I strongly object to the implication that PowerBASIC is not truly behind this project. They have provided the volunteers with exactly what they said they would. And it was all we required from them to get started. And it is all we need to continue.

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      Whatever ...

      Stan has full administrative privileges to the site (forum, ftp, ...) and can move the site to another hosting agangement at will if he wants. If my contribution isn't needed or wanted then that's fine, I already have an open source project that I have been neglecting to help out here.

      Good luck !



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        Status of has changed

        As of today, is down. It will stay down until further notice. This forum is the single official site for the project.

        I appreciate the work John has done setting it up, but I have determined that we do not need the site. My main reason for this decision is management; I will have enough to do without trying to manage what is effectively two different sites for one project. I am posting a similar announcement in the public forums.

        Today and tomorrow I will be contacting each of the team members to talk about specific tasks that need to be accomplished. We have the necessary framework to actually start building.

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