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    I hope everyone has had a chance to read over all the previous posts to this forum. June is our first iteration. I'm hoping we can maintain a production cycle of 3 months with 1 month iterations. The concept is to produce code in 1 month cycles with the intent of adding modules and procedures to the Release repository every 90 days. An iteration is the coding-testing-recoding process for the individual functions and modules. The idea is that every code component from the smallest on up is fully functional for its purpose before it goes into a Release version. 30 days should be enough time. I'm breaking the tasks down into pieces that shouldn't take more than 2-3 days to complete. If you see something on the list that you think is too big, let me know and together we'll break it down further.

    I'm using ToDoList by AbstractSpoon for the tasklist. It's a free download here: My latest version of the tasklist is attached to this post. Copy the attachment to the same directory as ToDoList.exe and it should work on any windows system. The file name is vb2pbToDo.tdl.

    1-5 : Task reporting and selection - select your tasks
    6-30: Work on your selected tasks

    1-6 : Extra day because of the holiday in the US (I don't know the holidays in Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, Europe, ad infinitum so please let me know if we need to allow for this as well) - Task Reporting and Selection

    1-5 : Task Reporting and Selection

    1-5 : Task Reporting and Selection
    6-10 : Add tested and approved (by the team) code to SVN

    And so on ...
    The 120 day mark is December 1, 2008. Can we get the first beta by then? September 1 would be better.

    I'll do my best to track everything and keep everybody posted on progress.

    Feel free to discuss any issues with other team members here in the development forum.

    Feel free to discuss coding issues with non-member contributors in the PB public forums.

    Thanks to everyone for participating!

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    Updated ToDoList 6/10

    Updated this morning 6/10/08
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    Do not go quiet into that good night,
    ... Rage, rage against the dark.