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I am still here, are you ?

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  • I am still here, are you ?

    I have been working on this on and off for a while not a lot and it was just as things permitted me to do so. I think am up for the challenge at this point , again I think I can handle a few days a week at this point :smiling:

    Without going into a real detailed posting and not even sure if more than 3 people are interested ?

    I am the point where either this will make a template from a VB project and the user has to fill in the blanks in "a well commented template". Or do we go for the brass ring and rewrite your program, or compile your VB project with no user interaction, just press a button and your done..ummm ok fine... lol .

    I keep pushing to add more. I went down this rabbit hole a lot farther than I realized. So I am taking this back to a level that will make a PB template via the VB project , move working and none working code into the needed areas.

    Next step is shoot for 99% of the code will be functional.

    So I am going to clean things up here until pb10 comes out and we will see what that brings to the table.

    Post your questions, suggstions... Let me know if your interested in using the converter. A few people have just recently contacted me and was rather surprised. So please rattle my cage, the more people showing interest will motivate me to pick up the pace and keep at it. The few that has put a bug in my ear, will certainly Thank you ! so they said ....

    A dozen what.