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Rules regarding the use of images in the forums

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  • Rules regarding the use of images in the forums

    Images are now enabled in the forums. We have just a few rules that need to be followed regarding using images in the forums, anyone not following the rules will be banned or have only there ability to post images revoked.

    Rules regarding the use of images in the forums

    Hotlinked pictures (ones that will be displayed in a thread) should have a maximum width or height of 800 pixels. If you have a larger image, you can use a thumbnail or you can simply post an html link to the image.

    There should be no more than 5 hotlinked pictures per post, please. Excess images may be removed from your posts by mods. This is to keep page loading times down as much as possible. However, you may have as many urls linking to images as you like.

    Please use your own bandwidth when hotlinking images. and are good choices for free picture hosting. With image shack, you can also hot link directly to the thumbnails, so that you may put larger pictures up without having to directly link to them.

    Do not quote other people's posts and leave the pictures hotlinked. Instead remove the [img] tags from the pictures that you wish to quote.

    Please do not post or link to pictures that contain any nudity, depictions of any sexual acts or anything pornographic. Likewise pictures of excessive violence are not allowed. Pornographic and offensive pictures will be removed and you may be banned for posting these. All images must be in good taste and in accordance with our forum rules.

    Thank you!

    Steve Rossell
    PowerBASIC Staff

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    I have problems with these things, they allow ip tracing and thus storing information.
    (Unless i can turn it off in my settings)

    I see i can turn it off but that's for all images, not the ones in the avatar.

    Can we have attachments?
    Binary uploads would be handy.


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      Originally posted by Edwin Knoppert View Post
      Can we have attachments? Binary uploads would be handy.
      Bad idea! Viruses.

      I also have a problem with images. What practical purpose would they serve? Besides, believe it or not, there are some that still use a dial-up modem. The time it would take to download the images would be a big turn off.
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        Originally posted by Steve Rossell View Post
        Images are now enabled in the forums.

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          Images are also allowed in signatures, but animated gifs are not allowed in signatures. Animated gifs maybe used in a post only if it helps describe your post, issue, or point of view. Do not use images just for the sake of using images, they should be used only if it helps your post. Thank you.

          Attachments are being considered and maybe enabled in the near future.

          Steve Rossell
          PowerBASIC Staff