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  • Turn off text boxes?

    When scanning the subjects in the forums, a text box pops up showing what the thread contains.

    Is there a way of turning this feature off? I found them really annoying.
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    I agree with Mel.

    It's really hard to copy big source codes and mouse wheel scrolls textbox (if cursor is under textbox), but not the whole page. That's really annoying


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      Currently we have no plans to disable the tooltips that display with the beginning text of a message when hovering a mouse over a message link.

      I am not really sure what the tooltips have to do with code boxes and copying and pasting, can you explain this?

      Steve Rossell
      PowerBASIC Staff


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        I think that Aslan is referring to the fact that as you are scrolling down a long thread using your mouse wheel that when it encounters a code listing that the code listing itself will start to scroll (rather than continuing to scroll down the web page). This can be irritating but I have programmed myself to scroll the threads with my mouse cursor as far right as I can as not to have it trip on any of these embedded code text boxes.

        IMO, it would be nice if the code listing could be expandable/collapsable (I think that such functionality exists for VBulletin and others have raised this before).
        Paul Squires
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          Thanks Paul, that makes sense and I can see where this can be a problem. This would require hacking the scripts to change this and this is not something we are going to do at this time.

          The code window width in vBulletin is set with a with an absolute pixel width or auto, but using an auto width causes IE to set the width of the code box to the longest line.

          From the vBulletin settings page:
          "This value controls the width of [code], [php] and [html] bbcode blocks. You may set this value to 'auto', but if you do, Internet Explorer will stretch the width of the block rather than inserting a scrollbar."

          This can be overcome by modifying the scripts, but again this is not something we want to do at this time. I am actually hoping that vBulletin will fix this in an upcoming update. The hard part about this is finding the time needed to make the changes and testing them. There are other issues with a higher priority, but in time either we or vBulletin will fix this.

          Steve Rossell
          PowerBASIC Staff


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            IMO, it would be nice if the code listing could be expandable/collapsable (I think that such functionality exists for VBulletin and others have raised this before).
            Paul, just a tip: if you use the Firefox web browser, you can easily implement this yourself using an addon like Stylish I do not know if there is a similar addon for IE or not, but it works great with FF.

            Cheers, Joe.


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              As Paul has mentioned, the trick is quite easy (with Firefox, don't know for other browsers): just move your mouse cursor out of the code window. FF than continues to scroll the threads, not the code.


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                My touchpad has the option of scrolling the current window or what the mouse is over. A regular mouse may not have this, but if it is done right it will. I have mine set to scroll what is under the mouse, so like Paul I've just trained myself to have the mouse where I want to scroll. I did see tooltips mentioned above. That is one other thing I saw not working. When they display they sometimes don't go away...even between pages.
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                  FWIW, I never realized the "wheel" thing would do that. Thanks for the tip.

                  (IE 6)
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