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    I checked and apparently vBulletin (this forum software) does support RSS feeds, but it requires that the administrator enable it. They have some (brief) information about it here. Any chance that we can get that enabled? It makes things very handy for checking on new messages that have been posted, as well as followups to your own posts.
    Mike Stefanik

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    Hi Mike,

    We are reviewing the possibilities of enabling a RSS feed of the forums.

    Steve Rossell
    PowerBASIC Staff


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      Any news of this? It has been over 3 1/2 years

      I was just thinking, how cool it would be to see new PB Forum messages appear in the RSS reader that I have displayed on the front screen of my phone.

      The link provided above doesn't seem to work but I found this:



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        I've been pondering this for some time now.

        How exactly does RSS work? Is it a crawler across the bottom of the screen? Does it bring up your default browser and display it there?

        How does it work?
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          Well the 'feed' itself is just a simple <xml> file which can be got from the website.
          After each new post the xml file is updated.

          Your reader software knows where this file is like

          What your reader software does with it can be various.

          Mine on my phone downloads the xml file for various feeds every once in a while and compares it to the previous one then shows me the 'updates' so I imagine I would probably see (scrolling up in the little window)

          PowerBASIC Forums .. Using the Forums
          Poster Mel Bishop ... I've been pondering this for some time now.
          How exactly does RSS work? Is it a ...........

          And a link to click to open your browser and go directly to the thread.

          BTW Forum Admins, if there is a setting to put how many characters should be displayed then I'd love it to be a couple of hundred or so then a lot of posts could be read without having to click on the link.

          I think it is a good/extra way to keep the forums alive and many people subscribing to the RSS feed may get to see posts that they'd otherwise perhaps not look at.


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            Hellooooooo ... knock knock (ian knocks on his 1985 cathode ray tube monitor screen) is anybody there?


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              Maybe if we sprinkle some magic Beenes something will grow
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                Heck, what I know about RSS will just about fit in a bean!

                Aren't there places you can go to get RSS feeds? Why would a forum offer feeds? Would there be a finite number of feeds? Or would each person get to pick feeds of their own?

                I'll go read up on RRS feeds some, but I'd welcome any comments folks think are pertinent to the question of providing feeds via the forums.


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                  Oh, wait ... I misunderstood ... you're asking if the Forums can be the source of a feed, yes? That makes more sense. I'll search with that in mind.