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Keyboard marking of messages read?

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  • Keyboard marking of messages read?

    Is there any way to either use or create a keyboard key provision to mark messages or the whole group read in a thread like we have in the Seamonkey browser for newsgroup use? I realize that everybody is so in love with point and click. But as has always been the case, the world of touch type from keyboard placement is still far faster and more efficient than use of a mouse.

    Clicking on a group with the mouse is one thing which isn't so bad a feeling. Even though you can go from group to group with the "arrow" keys and "shift + arrow" keys, or the backspace and shift keys in a browser. Whatever ..

    But once there, why not be able to use the keyboard like in Seamonkey or Firefox - The "N" key for the next new message, The "R" key for marking the current message read. The use of the combination of <CTRL + SHIFT + "C"> keys, which you easily can hold down all with your left hand, to mark the entire thread as read.

    Or am I missing something and just not a well informed enough puppy dog here?

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    Mike Luther
    [email protected]

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    There are only a few keyboard shortcuts in vBulletin:

    ALT + 1 = Forumhome
    ALT + 2 = New Posts
    ALT + 3 = Printthread view
    ALT + 4 = Search
    ALT + 5 = FAQ
    ALT+S submit/save on any vB form.
    ALT+X go advanced

    and these only work in IE. There is a bug logged on Mozillas website for this.

    If you submit a list of shortcuts you would like to see in the forums to support, I will pass them on to vBulletin support.

    Steve Rossell
    PowerBASIC Staff