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  • New Forum Tag Search Feature

    You can now search based on tags added to a particular thread. When adding a new thread or even reading an old thread posted by someone else you can add tags to the thread that can be used to in a tag search.

    At the bottom of each thread there is a "Edit Tags" link. Click this link and add as many tags that you are feel are necessary. For example if the thread is talking about accessing Excel via COM, add the tags COM and Excel. You can add tag words from 2 to 32 characters in length, this should help with searching for two letter words such as "vb".

    There are two ways to search by tags. When you click the Search menu item from the navigational bar, there is now an additional option titled "Tag Search". A Tag Search will display all the most commonly used tags in the forums or you can type in a tag to search by. Another way to search by tags is at the bottom of each thread, there is a list of the tags associated with this thread, you can click on any of the tags in this list and it will display all the threads associated with that tag.

    Tags are added by you, the community, the tag search can only be as good you want it to be. I am sure in time that this will be a great addition to the forums.

    I have seen a few search tags added as one long tag. Tags should be separated with comma's. Instead of putting in a tag of "tcp open fd_read notifications", use "tcp open,fd_read,notifications". Thank you.

    Steve Rossell
    PowerBASIC Staff