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  • Change Logout Default Time?

    I seem to get logged out automatically a lot.

    Is there a place I can change the default time before a logout occurs?

    I looked, but couldn't seem to find it anywhere in "My Settings".

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    Are you talking about the PB Forums? I hardly ever have to re-log-in, even after a reboot. Maybe once a month. Which browser are you using?

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      Yep, PB Forums.



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        I'm using FF and I never have to login. Some setting in your browser perhaps?
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          You need to permit/enable 'cookies.'
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            I have cookies enabled, always have. Still don't know why the auto-logout. I assumed it was a forum setting, since I don't navigate away from the PB page and still get logged off.


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              Just guessing Gary, but I would check out your protection program(s) see if one of them takes offense at having cookies enabled.
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                Also, if you are running a disk cleanup utility like CCleaner, don't let it delete IE's temporary files, indexes and cookies (if any of these boxes are checked in CCleaner, the cookies get erased)
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                  If you are on an iphone with at&t service. Your ip address changes constantly. About every 2 minutes. While logging on, check the box during log on for the forums to remember you.
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                    The timeout is set to one hour. Are you using the AOL browser? The AOL browser uses cache servers and the browser's IP changes on each page view which causes problems with session validation. Click the Remember Me button or use IE or Firefox.

                    Steve Rossell
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                      Thanks, everyone for the comments.

                      I'm using FireFox. I have the "remember me" set.

                      1 hour? It seems much sooner but I'll time it to see what is happening. It's certainly possible I get focused and lose track of the time. I wonder how other folks get by without an hourly logout?

                      I do recall that earlier in the year the logout didn't seem so often, but I can't recall any major PC change that links to the seemingly more often logout.

                      I'll think and experiment on it some more, but it's not obvious yet where I've gone wrong.


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                        I'm AT&T, and unless I deliberately log out, I don't have to log in.

                        Check your cookie settings for this board, make sure the 's cookie did not end up on the block list: Privacy -> Exceptions
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                          I'm using Firefox as well but I don't use the "remember me" check box. I log in each day manually. However, my sessions do time out sometimes when I'm doing some testing in PB and composing a reply. Several times in the past couple months I've hit the post button only to find that I've been logged out so I have to copy the message, log back in, reply again and paste my message back in. It definitely seems less than an hour but I've never timed it. Under Tools/Options.../Privacy Settings I have no cookie exceptions, allowed or blocked, and I have the "Accept cookies from sites" checked but I unchecked the "Accept third-party cookies". The "Keep until:" is set to "they expire" but I could try switching that to "I close Firefox" and see if that helps.
                          Jeff Blakeney