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    I get this message about every one minute.
    Okay, what did I change or delete to deserve this?

    I've tried about every option in profile and can't find what happened.
    Also noticed that many messages no longer come in sorted order (though they are marked to do so.)

    I'm trying to click on forum tools and subscribe to each forum before the screen is cleared.
    It appears I've unsubscribed to all.

    I've resubscribed to every forum, but now get taken to a list of all subscribed about every 1-minute.
    Have to type fast to post.
    I'm in a time loop (not ground hog day.)

    Subscribing to forums individually doesn't have an option for instant email notification.

    Sent email to support to look at my account.

    There is another posting by me that is only part of this message.

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