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    Just a suggestion about marking forums as read. Currently, on the bottom of the main page you can click on the "Mark Forums Read". On another BB I frequent, they have it arranged so that you can mark individual forums as having been read. They have that option within each forum.
    I find it convenient to mark forums as read, so I don't have to look at everything when I have skipped over a few items I am not interested in at the time.
    Ian Cairns
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    Just double-click the BBS icon on the left side of the forum names and it's done.
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      At the top of each (sub)forum's page (above the "Last post" column) is a link called "Forum tools", which allows you to do mark that single (sub)forum as read with the included "Mark this forum read" link.

      There's also the "Quick Links" link in the menu strip at the top of the site, which also includes a "Mark forums read" link - which marks the complete forum as read.


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        Re: Mel's comment
        Just double-click the BBS icon on the left side of the forum names and it's done.
        here's an image clarifying the location to click (image shows the popup tooltip from the browser):


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          Wow! Things you never see.
          Thanks, guys.
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            Many people also overlook the little "Go To First New Post" buttons. After you click the New Posts link, look for the little down-arrow buttons to the left of the thread topics. They allow you to jump directly to the first unread post in a thread.
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