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    I was looking at some of my account settings (PM's, attachments, and the like that I have done over the years) and was surprised about a few things (only mildly though)

    I have cleared out my PM's a couple of times since 2006 so thats no big, but when I looked at my attachments (99% of which are postings to the source code forum)

    This is probably a question for [email protected] but I thought I would ask here first in the case a moderator (or possibly Gary Beene) may see this first and supply an answer (and probably delete my post fairly quickly *teasing grin*)

    Question #1: Does deleting my attachment from the past, break a link in a posting in my past? or does PB have a copy stored somewhere if I delete it?

    Question #2: It appears that I can only remove attachments that are a week old or less (I would assume a setting somewhere to stop me from breaking a link if the answer to question #1 is what I think it is?)

    Its all a mute point, just me being curious cause after 8yrs I am only about 1/4th of my attachment limit (which surprises me cause of screenshots I post from time to time)

    I was just curious is all :coffee4:
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    I expect that Gary may move this to the "Using the Forums" thread rather than deleting it.

    I am not far from my limit, mostly because of compiled programs in zip files.

    I suspect that this is the reason that Gary and others encourage us to download from their own site, they having reached or nearing the limit.
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      Clear attachments ?

      What happens if one is close to the limit for posting attachments on this forum ? I'm getting in the red zone I see.
      Is posting then still possible ?

      Is there a way to clear attachmants from the past ? ( I searched , didn't find a button to clear or delete ) . Have I missed something ?